Dirty Dev’s intimate “Summer Song” shines through the laziness of hot summer days

Influenced by both Leonard Cohen and Aesop Rock, Canadian artist Dirty Dev is back with a brand new single “Summer Song”. Once again produced with long-time collaborator PHILY, Dirty Dev’s new track has a minimalistic production much in the same style as his previous track released “Frida and Leon“, focusing on the songwriting and lyrics.


It’s a delicate and intimate song, exploring both his lo-fi hip-hop tendencies as well as melancholic pacing. The Edmonton-based artist crafted a lovely piece of music that sounds exciting in all its simplicity. Written about lazy summer days, where things are both calm and chaotic, Dirty Dev sings about the dichotomy between feeling pain and joy in the simple things that are changing as well as in what stays forever the same, and finding both the bad as well as the good in all of it.

Dirty Dev is definitely on a very solid artistic path, blending the poetic inspirations from The Mountain Goats and Leonard Cohen and passing them through his hip-hop filter. “Summer Song” stands tall as his most inspired creation yet, a song that is filled with opposites being gently thrown against each other.

A stunning track that hooks you in from the start and takes you by the hand on a journey through the fatigue and boredom of lazy summer days, where nothing seems to be going on at the same time that everything is happening at once. “Summer Song” paints a picture that feels incredibly human, and he delivers the verses as if he’s your best friend talking about his day while hanging around on your couch, beer in hand, and background music running. It’s an intimate portrait of a deep conversation, and it feels like home.


Dirty Dev "Summer Song" press photo


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