Utopia’s Kid Lazuras: A Mesmerizing Journey of Electro Alt Rock Genre Fusion and Self-Discovery

Bristol-based artist Kid Lazuras delivers a stunning debut album, ‘Utopia,’ which is set to release on August 15. Drawing inspiration from the realms of electronica, new-wave, and post-punk, this 12-song concept album takes listeners on a transformative journey of self-identity and introspection. With a dark and heavy rock foundation, ‘Utopia’ masterfully intertwines electronic and industrial rock elements, while also exploring R&B, neo-soul, funk, exotic percussion, and trip-hop in some of its tracks.


The album opens with ‘Fall For The Break,’ (check out the whole list of the album at the end of the article) a slow, piano-led ballad that immediately engulfs the listener in a deeply emotional experience, setting the stage for the intense journey ahead. Each subsequent song reflects a different facet of the artist’s emotional reaction to the starting point, ranging from anger and isolation to acceptance and growth.

The album’s structure, inspired by the legendary ‘Kind Of Blue’ by Miles Davis, beautifully captures a circularity that adds depth and coherence to the storytelling. It begins with a piano-driven ballad and journeys through moments of raucousness and anger, attempts at escapism through upbeat tracks, only to return to its initial starting point, completing the cycle of self-discovery.

Standout tracks like ‘All Over Again‘ infuse soulful rock with funky guitars and disco elements, making it one of the album’s catchiest offerings. ‘You Find’ balances light and dark rock vibes with infectious synths and captivating harmonies, making it impossible not to move to its upbeat rhythm. Diving into uncharted territory, ‘Run On Out’ surprises listeners with a trip-hop electro-rock instrumental that invokes serenity and contemplation. ‘Refuge’ showcases a fusion of jazz and electronic elements, accented by mesmerizing exotic percussion, creating a mesmerizing soundscape.

The pulsating beats of ‘Weaponised’ set the stage for an electrifying disco-funk journey, leaving listeners entranced in a haze of magical sounds. ‘Capital’ stands as one of the heaviest and most impressive songs on the album, blending post-punk, heavy drums, bass, and riffs in an amalgamation of Interpol and Joy Division influences. The album beautifully culminates with ‘Words Are Just Another Way To Hide,’ an inventive title that perfectly encapsulates the bluesy conclusion of the journey. The piano-driven piece leaves a lasting impression, inviting contemplation long after the music fades.

‘Utopia’ is a revelation that showcases Kid Lazuras’ exceptional talent and creative vision. Seamlessly blending a diverse range of genres, the album captivates with its raw emotional honesty and powerful storytelling. Kid Lazuras has managed to craft a debut album that resonates deeply with listeners, leaving them eager to explore this rising artist’s future releases. With their evocative sound and poignant lyricism, this Bristol artist is set to become a trailblazer in the contemporary music landscape. ‘Utopia’ is more than an album—it’s a holistic musical opera.


Kid Lazuras "All Over Again" press photo

Here you have the track list for this debut album:

1. Fall For The Break
2. Men Of God
3. In Ether
4. Utopia
5. All Over Again
6. You Find
7. Run On Out
8. Refuge
9. Weaponised
10. Capital
11. Immaterial
12. Words Are Just Another Way To Hide


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