Thunder Club powerful new single “Venetian Blinds”

Thunder Club, a Baltimore-based Indie Rock band, delivers a powerful and exciting single in “Venetian Blinds”. A track filled with lush guitar melodies and enticing rhythms that will definitely make your day a little better.


What’s going on ladies and gents, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a fantastic little single with a great attitude and uplifting energy, although the lyrics are just the contrary. But either way, it is one hell of a track and a pretty fun one by the way.

Thunder Club was created by John Burkhardt (Drums), Pete Burkhardt (Guitar), Dennis Chen (Guitar and Lead Vocals), and Conor Johnston (Bass). All born in Baltimore, USA, these musicians have a passion for writing powerful music, and they are influenced by bands like QOTSA, The Strokes, Illiterate Light, Arctic Monkeys, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

“Venetian Blinds” is described by the band as a “raw and emotive anthem that takes listeners on a journey through love, loss, and self-discovery”. With lyrics about disillusionment and emotional struggle, the track not only presents beautiful instrumentation but also tells the relatable tale of the overwhelmed protagonist.

Even if the lyrics are a bit heavy, the soothing qualities of the music really achieve to smooth everything out. The vocals are sweet, sensitive, and particularly enchanting, unifying everything together into a magnificent and enjoyable experience. And the fact that it opens up with a Seinfeld reference is pure genius!

So, listen now!

We’ve all been avid fans of the show Seinfeld for years and had no idea that Venetian Blinds was something referenced in the show until we wrote the song. I was watching the show late at night and heard that clip and had to put it in the song for the hell of it! If someone from Seinfeld ever reaches out then we’ll take it on, but until then. Georgey boy stays in!

John Burkhardt / Thunder Club

Thunder Club "Venetian Blinds" press photo


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