Mat Hook’s cathartic comeback single “Runaway Road”

English singer and songwriter Mat Hook is no newcomer to the game, he’s been making music for years in the British indie rock scene. Mat was the frontman of the indie band Kartica, which disbanded in 2014, and then he took a break from it all. Now, our guy is returning with a brand new fire and his proper debut solo single, titled “Runaway Road”, after being away from performing for the past seven years.


And what a comeback! “Runaway Road” is a beautiful song, a track that captures the feeling of 90s Britpop so well that it almost sounds weird to realize it’s just been out for only a few days – and not since 1993. Mat’s main inspiration behind the track is, in fact, all the trials and tribulations that went on in his personal and professional life in the years he’s been away from Music. So “Runaway Road” is factually a comeback song, written by Mat in 2021 after several losses and tough times – but it’s so good that it was enough for him to record again.

“I was in a really rough place and this was the beginning of me coming back to life. The minute I wrote it, I knew it was a banger of a track and I’ll stick by that to anyone”, Mat himself says about the song. And there is no better way to put it: sometimes, a song is everything you need to get yourself together. And if you can’t find it anywhere, you write it yourself. That is the ultimate beauty of music and art as a whole, its capacity to connect and reconnect, to experience a full-on catharsis and come out stronger on the other side of those five minutes.

It’s a powerful song, and the way he’s chosen to produce it in a Britpop/light dream pop way fits so well. In the music video, we see Mat performing it live with his band in a simple room intertwined with shots of him singing it alone in several locations surrounded by nature, with nothing to distract from the song itself. There is genuine emotion on his face and vocals, especially as he delivers the incredible chorus ‘I can see the past years have hurt, they drank as you thirst, walk down your runaway road of fears’. It’s effective from start to finish, and it reads as his personal journey from pain to something beautiful.

“Runaway Road” is an excellent comeback song, that takes its time to celebrate the pain and everything that came before it – because without it all, we wouldn’t have reached this far. Welcome back, Mat. You can stay for as long as you like.


Mat Hook "Runaway Road" press photo

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