DCxPC Volume 22 Pre-Order Available! An Outstanding Folk-Punk Compilation

Exciting times upon us as DCxPC has unveiled volume 22 of their live vinyl series. And similar to their most recent release, it’s a record that breaks new ground! It’s the label’s second Folk-Punk release after Ann Beretta Live, Like a Riot! from last year. If you happen to be a fan of punk music and just about all its derivatives, as am I, you are most certainly in for a treat.

Folk punk is stripped down, acoustic, yet still energetic and upbeat in pace. Performed with the ethos and spirit familiar to traditional Punk music. Because it’s so stripped down; lyricism, storytelling, and expression are the key elements, with authenticity and emotion a must.

That’s exactly what you’ll find in DCxPC’s latest compilation. It features four remarkable artists in totality, two artists being from Florida (Sticky Steve, & Dougie Flesh and the Slashers) and two artists from Tennessee (Jacob Danielson-Moore, & Borrowed Sparks). Whether you are new to the genre or are already a fan of bands like Daze N Daze, old-school Against Me, Harley Poe, and/or AJJ – this collective pool is bound to captivate your ears.


And one of the coolest things about the release, as with all DCxPC Live releases, is that a raffle will be held for the corresponding volume of a VMLive record (the vinyl series that inspired DCxPC) for anyone who purchases the new record within the first week of the preorder. With this release, it’s the 7″ VMLive Vol. 22 records featuring excellent Japanese punk rock band The Teengenerates up for grabs!

Track Listing:

Sticky Steve’s tracks: “Cathedrals” reminds at times of Daze N Daze as well as old school Against Me. It’s an ode to being a road warrior. He follows up with “Vultures” which crosses over some country chords in the chorus. It’s a really emotive, good folk punk song. Out of the set, I think this is the track I liked the lyricism most on, particularly the main line: “Is there a place that the vultures call home” and “Grab a brick, smash a window, smash them all.”

The track also features a neat little “back and forth with the crowd” type of breakdown before launching into a sing-along outro chorus reprise. Sticky Steve closes the set out with “Waves” a song he has a music video out for. It’s very much a familiar folk punk vibe in writing on this song, speaking to depressive behavior, taking pills, and social anxiety. He has a great folk punk voice. Charismatic, compressed, and belting.

Borrowed Sparks’ tracks: The gem “Are You Listening” starts off the set featured for Borrowed Sparks and his sound on this one reminds me of 90s alternative, like the Refreshments. There’s definitely some Cowpunk elements in there as well, like old school Gin Blossoms. The hook of the song is great. The entire piece is a great melody. Hints of Americana all along the way. “Man with a Different Name” is the second song he leans into, and more Americana is unveiled as he plays a mean “harp” (harmonica) throughout phrasing of the song.

This song to me is very americana, I’ve heard some on social media refer to it as “Y’all-ternative,” no idea if that’s well received or not, but I like it! A super emotive track with bright chords. My favorite lyric of the song expressing the overall “longing” vibe I was getting from it: “I’ve been waiting for what seems like a thousand lives and I don’t think I can wait anymore.”

He closes out with “Patron Saint” a song in which he has a live lyric video for on YouTube. This closer strikes me more as the “storyteller” vibe than the more introspective voicing in the last two. Overall his sound reminds me of acts I really enjoy like Candlebox, Gin Blossoms, and Indie powerhouses Matt Derda and Matt Moran.

Jacob Danielson-Moore (JDM) tracks: Enter JDM to poke the audience right in the chest with “Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome” right out the gate. First time through the chorus melody he rings out: “I’m fucked up to death again, it’s almost 3 am, and I’m singing 90’s country at last call down at Tipton Street, with Zach and them.”

It almost reminds me of Rancid unplugged. And speak of the devil, his next track titled “Of (Only Fans)” he then pays homage to Rancid’s “Old Friends” belting out a “hold a lighter up” version of the catchy line “Good morning heartache, you’re like an old friend come and see me again” throughout the chorus.

Cool moment during the performance you can hear him say “Thanks man,” as someone in the crowd indistinctly conveys appreciation (a tip maybe?). JDM closes his set out with “Deep Valley” after he asks the crowd whether they wanted to hear something upbeat or sad, in which the audience opted for the latter. He goes on to perform a song dedicated to his friend that passed away. A sentimental song, it starts off reminiscing about a shared mix tape of some classic punk bands on it. Swear I had on just like it. My favorite lyric: “They said the town that I grew up in was a trap.”

Dougie Flesh and the Slashers (DFATS) tracks: “I Want to Believe” opens up the set for the group Dougie Flesh and the Slashers, this too reminds me a lot of Daze N Daze with a stronger rockabilly twist. I love the political overtones in the lyricism and particularly the line: “The truth is out there, you just have to find it, good luck with that.”

Doug Lowell, the singer tells the audience “This song is about Alex Jones.” “Printerdix” is a song I particularly fancy, an “ode” if you will, to the HR lady that “flies the corporate flag.” Ahhh DFATS – you had me at “Burn it Down.” This is my favorite track of the set. This one in my opinion has the most Psychobilly vibe to it.

“Something in the Shadow” is what DFATS closes the set out with, and at some point, the song takes a turn into a mariachi or perhaps traditional Italian guitar progression (the bum, bum-bum, bum, bum-bum thing). The lyricism is reminiscent of a horror movie genre. It would make a perfect contribution to your Halloween playlist. And most importantly, reminds the listener that there’s “something in the shadows that softly lures you.”


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