MUNGMUNG tears down on the facade of internet fame with new hot single “Internet Friends”

MUNGMUNG, a Sydney-based hip-hop artist, just recently released her debut LP “Boujee Bby”. Among the tunes packing a solid blast of good energy lies “Internet Friends”, a song that faces the current trend where the number of likes, followers, and comments seem to have a much bigger influence than they should. Those thoughts have given a strong visual in the fresh music video for “Internet Friends”, which was released just today, on August 23rd!

“Internet Friends” packs a punch in its strong beat with melodies that encourage you to recognize the actuality of the rhymes MUNGMUNG keeps spitting with undying energy. The things reviewed within the lyrics – 9th-grader with adult looks and 900k followers, taking selfies, photoshopping the crap out of them and hanging them up as the ultimate truth, and the number of shameless perverts that try to encourage taking even more daring pics – are just the tip of the whole iceberg. MUNGMUNG questions it all as she partakes in that cursed internet party, witnessing how people, particularly young ones, are trapped in the absurdity of valuing themselves in numbers.

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the gaze of others, especially in the social media age. With ‘Internet Friends’ I wanted to explore the relationship one has with self and the world around them. There are some crazy things going on behind and in front of screens and I wanted to highlight this! We are not defined by what we post, the comments, the likes, etc. I hope this track reminds people to live their best real lives or start conversations reinforcing things like self-reassurance, safety and healthy relationships.”


The fresh music video adds an extra layer to the disturbing nature of The Numbers. From distorting filters modifying the artist’s body to have an unnaturally large chest and hips, a group of friends glued to their smartphones to the person having a meal of phone chargers, the artist makes the dark side of this whole likes and followers culture crystal clear. Watch the video below!


“Boujee Bby” is a brilliant album coming from a strong-minded young artist. So is “Internet Friends”, which I highly recommend giving a listen to – even though there’s no real closure to this issue, MUNGMUNG opens much-needed communication on the matter and encourages critical thinking and self-love.

In the end, you may have 900k followers like that 9th grader with too mature body, but do you really have any friends and a semblance of self-worth to go along?

Listen to the “Internet Friends” today!

MUNGMUNG "Internet Friends" press photo
“I wrote the track when I was 16, really introspective and pondering on what I
felt, what people around me felt when it came to use of the web.”


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