The Heidi Incident’s incredible follow-up “If Not Now When”

It’s an absolute pleasure to be addressing once again the marvelous American synthpop band The Heidi Incident and their sophomore single, “If Not Now When”. Their incredible debut “Under the Lights” showed us a band that had already emerged fully formed in their sound, with elements as varied as disco, funk, new wave and indie pop all intertwined beautifully.


This time around on their second release, we see a new side to the band. They seem to be embracing the synthpop in a way that feels softer, and less urgent, relying on melodies and lyrics. Needless to say, it’s also completely stunning and features such a pristine production that sounds so clear and clean. “If Not Now, When” is a heartbreak song about not being able to let go and living in regret, diving into the more emotional side of the band.

The Heidi Incident "Under the Lights" press photo

It feels so vulnerable and beautiful as the chorus goes ‘In a world of make or break, there’s no time for give and take. We won’t make the same mistakes, it’s not too late‘ and it’s said in such a desperate way, like it really hurts to be talking about this. On the lyrics, The Heidi Incident structure is like a conversation so there’s almost a call-and-response vibe from the verses to the choruses and this makes it sound so dynamic and captivating.

The instrumentals here sound as great as they did before, but this time it’s like the band is betting on the simpler side of things. It’s almost a step back in the best way possible, and it fits this song perfectly. If “Under the Lights” was the debut that showed us everything that The Heidi Incident can do all at once, “If Not Now When” is the time when they hit the breaks and focus their sounds and influences into fewer elements, as a way of proving that the band can really adapt into whatever the song asks for. It’s a stunning follow-up, and it makes us even more excited to hear the full album soon!


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