Carpe Diem visits the clouded ivory city of blissful ignorance in “Airborne”

Carpe Diem, a two-piece band from Hong Kong, releases their new single “Airborne”. Their magical poetic narrative is on a continuous search for the meaning of life, and this time we’re taken up into the dreamy celestial heights into the ivory tower inhabited by people that never seem fully awake. “Airborne” is a flowing gentle song teetering on the edge between utter bliss and the omnipresent feeling of unease.


Distant laughter of summer children, happy melodies, and air devoid of any kind of worry fill this place Carpe Diem calls the Ivory Tower. Seemingly eternal happiness grows a barely noticeable, but still present level of anxiety, as Keith’s shimmering guitar melodies and Ada’s beautiful vocals explore the life in this state of mind. While the gentle hazy voice questions whether the inhabitants are really permanently in this state or just pretending to be here in order to avoid the much less idealistic and happy life in reality, Keith’s guitar teacher and musician Eric Mo arrives with his electric guitar to give an absolutely exhilarating solo that just about sums up the charm intertwined with sorrow.

“Airborne” comes along with the visual side of its story offered by its music video. Along with lyrics, the clip shows all those usually fleeting moments of bliss in a dreamy nonstop array – all those times one would wish lasted for longer last forever in this song. But as the last clips of people walking backward run by, there is always this sad feeling of finite and the question that goes about: “If all you experience is happiness, do you really know it?” These particular people probably know, however, and never wish to experience the pain of reality again.


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Carpe Diem "Airborne" artwork

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