MIDI Kittyy reignites the flame of life passion in the future house remix of “Ignis”

MIDI Kittyy, a new exciting voice coming up in the electronic music realm, has recently released a powerful single “Ignis”, and now reveals a dancy upbeat remix for the single made for the dancefloor. “Ignis” is Latin for “Fire”, which is highly apt for the title as the artist seeks to bring back color and a sense of unity into the pandemic-battered world. The aftereffects of extreme isolation are still lingering and this bright voice knows that.


MIDI Kittyy "Ignis" press photo

The original, electronic pop version of “Ignis” was created during the height of the pandemic when MIDI Kittyy aka Eliza Andrews lived in Las Vegas and found herself dealing with seemingly endless isolation and being stuck with the same faces for far too long. Those notions became the basis of “Ignis”, a song where hopelessness and desperation meet hope and compassion under the blooming pop melodies.

While the original version carries this emotionally powerful slow pace, MIDI Kittyy was also inspired to create something more fast-paced and cheerful, without losing the impactful core the song has. And thus, “Ignis (Future House Remix)” was born. The original slightly melancholy piano is joined by more uplifting melodies and as the song spirals upwards and out into the light, the weight of the lyrics remains. Both the original and the remix of “Ignis” offer validation of emotions combined with showing the listener the brighter side of reality.

The original version also comes with a Wes Anderson-styled AI music video, which combines the imagery of trains, the sense of solitude present in passengers, and a singer performing in various locations.
Watch the video below:

“She now splits time between the US and Prague, where she is working on additional collaborations with a number of amazing EDM artists.  She is in the process of completing her second solo single that will be released at the end of September, is working on a future bass collaboration with CRTFD music, an up and coming producer from Los Angeles, and has additional music created with Pauli Gabrieli that will be released by year end.”

And she also has a lyrics video that you can check out here.

Listen to the future house remix of “Ignis” today on your favorite platforms!

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