CALAMITY JAY’s charming single “Gatecrasher” offers fresh look to the source of our troubles

CALAMITY JAY’s recently released single “Gatecrasher” has decided to tackle the task of discovering the endless source of all troubles. Is it just our decisions that lead to them, or is there someone more intangible, perhaps a Gatecrasher, that is highly willing to send harm our way? The root is hidden somewhere and the CALAMITY JAY accompanies the introspective search with splendid soft bluesy folk sound with a healthy amount of rhythm to keep us going.


“Gatecrasher” is the third single coming from CALAMITY JAY, a duo consisting of singer-songwriter Rahel Rosenwald and multi-instrumentalist JayC Be. While their previous two singles shine as slow ballads packed with emotions, the pair took a different approach with the third song. Thus, the track is lively, rhythmic, speedy, and full of blues-folk goodness. It’s also sung as a duet, with the electric guitar riffs dancing between the verses as the song builds up heightened moods in the captivating choruses.

The duo came about from rather an unusual moment in time as both JayC and Rahel were auditioning for another band. Quite soon after the musical friendship formed, the two wanted to start off writing original material. Inspired by blues, folk, pop, and music from the 70s and 80s, these guys are a warm-hearted project of storytelling music with a timeless feeling.

The band is currently moving towards releasing their first EP. “Gatecrasher” will be present on this yet-unnamed release along with the first two singles, so keep your ears perked..!

“Our Music is made with our heart and we hope that it will be listened by yours.”


CALAMITY JAY "Gatecrasher" artwork

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