Firebird Union debuts with a vibing hot single “Higher Ground”

I can’t think of anything more exciting in the music world than the debut of a brand-new artist. This time it’s an indietronic duo separated by an ocean, but joined by both music and blood – Firebird Union, run by two brothers. On September 9th, the duo stepped out into the music scene with their first song “Higher Ground”, a 90s-infused chaotic goodness full of urgency and strong energy.


“Higher Ground” takes us into an apocalyptic setting where time no longer feels infinite. Within the solid blast of electro-rock and its vibrant melodies, the reverbed vocals instill the sheer weight of the situation, urging you to stop hesitating and start doing all those things that you’ve been wanting to do. The song also features highly captivating choruses that drive home the need to act now while pleasing the ears with a high-energy rush of synth rock.

“We’ve been trying to figure out how to make music together remotely for a long time, and Higher Ground unlocked everything. It’s a little out of our comfort zone, but still allowed us to be epic and melodic on top of a more electronic backdrop than we’re used to.”

Firebird Union

Firebird Union "Higher Ground" logo

Firebird Union consists of Matt and Ross, two brothers who each have long-running musical experiences. In the formative years, they used to perform together as Cedar, until 2008 when they split up and pursued their own paths. Firebird Union sees the brothers join forces once again, inspired by the rich variety of both artists as well as the music tools available. “Higher Ground” became the starting point of many great things to come from this project. For these brothers, distance and time do not matter.

“Expect a blend of 90s guitar rock and modern electronica. It’s vast, cinematic and exciting. There’s a lot more to come.”

Firebird Union

Listen to the debut single “Higher Ground” today on your favorite platforms!


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