The Margaret Hooligans explosive new single “Our Museum Of Failure”

The Margaret Hooligans return with an explosive statement and a fierce attitude in “Our Museum Of Failure”. It is a punk rock song that questions the meaning of being a man in today’s society. Out now!


A stadium rock anthem with pounding drums, groovy guitar lines, a driving electric ukulele riff, fierce and anguished vocals, it will make you hit repeat.

Meg and Strontium continue to prepare for the release of their upcoming full-length album, ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll. “Our Museum Of Failure” is the lead single off that very album. Stretching afar from their The Who’s tributes, or their comical stories about dog and pizza crusts, the American duo seems to now have taken a more serious stand, and the message they deliver is that of self-discovery, as well as the questioning of the praise we give to some of our past male heroes.

Described as a driving rock anthem, the track explores the difficulties of young boys, trying to navigate what it means to be a man in an age where we are trying to dismantle the patriarchy. A time where gender fluidity exists, and most of the “macho” male ideas are no longer valid, nor welcomed.

The song, explosive and raw, is a wild listening experience where Meg and Strontium once again become one, blending their extreme opposites. Meg is sweet and challenging, while Strontium is aggressive, rampaging, and beautifully chaotic. Drums, electric ukulele, and tender vocals stand as one in a profound seek for meaning. So, listen now!


The Margaret Hooligans press photo "Our Museum Of Failure"


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