Frank Joshua’s new single “Seeking to Hide” reveals how everyone has a hidden side

Frank Joshua, the enigmatic and prolific singer-songwriter who prefers to stay under the layer of mystery, is back with a new single called “Seeking to Hide”, due to release on September 15th. This time Frank walks the conflicting line by singing about a part of one’s self that’s kept hidden from everyone else, thus creating a little bit of a paradox. At the same time though, Frank Joshua’s soft voice reassures those of us in doubt that it’s natural to have a part of you that’s available only to you.



“Seeking to Hide” is a hidden gem that was recently discovered in Frank’s vault of music, and the single itself is just as secretive. Frank’s way of making an enchanting hybrid of singer-songwriter and house has given the song a melancholic yet somehow comfortable atmosphere as the lyrics delicately unravel the feeling of wearing this sort of mask that’s keeping the whole true self hidden away.

Framk Joshua "Seeking to Hide" artwork

Frank has an uncanny way of describing exactly how something intangible feels like and “Seeking to Hide” is another testament to this. The way he uses the positive characteristics, what limits him from being more of that, and how his height and build are just about enough to get along with living leaves a realization that it’s normal to not feel enough. Yet this is one of those things that gets hidden along with the fears and deep thoughts as we try to appear perfectly okay and on top of everything.

Frank likens hiding your real self under a mask to keeping a robot’s stance in the single’s music video. A number of people working in different professions are shown having intricate yet distant and emotionless robot faces and hands. They’re there as other, entirely flesh-based humans interact with them, but at the same time, it’s clear that the robots stay distant and deliberately devoid of any emotions except for the most basic ones. A rather unnerving view, but beautifully presented in a way only Frank Joshua can do.


Listen to “Seeking to Hide” today, so you won’t miss out on hearing the tune on September 15th!


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