Little League Rebellion’s “Unsent Letters” – A Dark Symphonic Electro Rock Journey

“Unsent Letters” is the latest album by Scottish indie electronic rock artist Ruaraidh Wishart aka Little League Rebellion. The record is rooted in symphonic synth production with electronic and punk rock song structures. Entirely performed, written, produced, and mixed by Wishart, it is a musically rich record.


With a background in classical music and alternative and progressive metal music, Little League Rebellion transcends traditional boundaries and offers listeners an experience that is both thought-provoking and musically exhilarating. His background as an archivist defines the musical themes and his music attempts to explore memory and the past.

In his previews released such as “A Sough O’ War”, he sets old poetry in North Eastern Scottish to electronic punk folk, which tells the tale of how the area was affected by traumatic World War I experiences. His “Acid Bardcore” mixes medieval dance music with modern-day electronic dance.

Coming to the album, this is a dark symphonic electronic rock project with progressive influences. The album’s tracks offer diverse experiences, from the electro-rock of “The Collection” to the dark atmosphere of “The Centre Of It All.” “Communion” ventures into ambient electro territory, while “Prayer” infuses an Eastern vibe into electronic rock. “After The Fall,” features melancholic symphonic digital synth strings.

“Not Anymore” is a groovy, fast-paced electro-pop track with dark synths. “The Answer” is an ambient synth experience, minimal and cathartic, offering a serene yet dark listening experience. “The Promise” brings the album to a close with the ethereal sound of the flute and the calming chirping of birds, a serene and reflective way to conclude this remarkable musical journey.

Ruaraidh Wishart’s vocals are reminiscent of Roger Waters, with raw delivery and emotional depth. The flute and other symphonic classical elements feature prominently in the album. This includes some synth-based and processed string sections. Handling recorders, synths, and programming, Little League Rebellion has finely crafted, produced, and arranged a thrilling album.

Complex emotions are set to sonic expression with darkness melancholia, at times, hope. Picture Ruaraidh, the archivist, unearthing hidden emotions and tales we’ve buried. Unique and immersive sonic landscapes, evocative aural narratives, gripping song structures and musical elements, and vulnerability, are all combined into a human sonic experience.

With its innovative fusion of electro-punk and recorder melodies, “Unsent Letters” by Little League Rebellion is a must-listen for anyone seeking music that challenges the boundaries of genres while touching the very essence of our shared human experience.

Little League Rebellion press photo "Unsent Letters"


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