A-Zal’s “Movie Script” is a perfect pop song

Hailing from the epicenter of New York, American singer and songwriter A-Zal hit the ground running with an extremely successful string of great pop singles. The latest of which, “Movie Script”, just recently came out and it’s charting on the USA Mediabase TOP40 Activator Charts – a very impressive feat for an independent artist that’s starting out.


The song is a light-hearted pop song, merging styles and sounds that range from the likes of Bruno Mars to Taylor Swift and it’s just so fun to listen to. “Movie Script” cuts with a crystal clear production that incorporates funky bass lines, dreamy synths, and rhythm guitars that tie every single loose end together in the most magical way. It is truly a perfect pop song, made for sunny days and chilling by a pool somewhere with sunglasses and a cold drink in your hand.

In the music video for the track, we get to see A-Zal performing and dancing across several psychedelic backgrounds that are constantly changing their shapes and colors. It reminds you of both of those early Franz Ferdinand videos as well as Anitta’s “Bang” and it works very well. The apparent simplicity of it is exactly what makes the video so compelling, but there were real thoughts behind it – the backgrounds match and complement the lyrics perfectly.


That exact feeling is also conveyed in the song itself, as the overall fun and catchy melodies and hooks hide some really great lyrics in it. In “Movie Script”, A-Zal sings about some type of newfound love and fills the air around it with metaphors and the idealized scenarios that come with such beginnings. It’s constantly changing directions and flows in a dynamic way that feels very cinematic much like an actual movie script. A-Zal is on his way of taking the pop sphere like a storm, the talent and knack for it is already evident and the sky is the limit from here on in.


A-Zal "Movie Script" press photo


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