Dreams of Venus’s epic slow burner debut single “Ventura Highway”

Sometimes a debut track is just so powerful that it hits you in all the right ways. That is exactly the case with Dreams of Venus’s first ever released single, “Ventura Highway”, which flows like water with beautiful production and lyrics. Dreams of Venus is an indie duo made up of composer Daryuish Khashayar and lead singer Abby Buotte that is based in Anaheim, California.


Dream of Venus’s debut is “Ventura Highway”, a delicate and intriguing song that sounds anything but like a newcomer. Their sound arrives fully formed, and the single comes to show exactly what the duo is trying to accomplish by merging the classical, jazz-trained compositions from Daryuish with the dreamy landscape painted by Abby’s soft but strong vocals.

It is an absolutely stunning piece of music, building from elegant piano chords to a full-blown classic rock-inspired guitar solo and it does it all in such an organic way much like the dynamics we’ve heard in Phoebe Bridgers’s Punisher.

“‘Ventura Highway’ began with a few piano chords that I laid down on my laptop in Abby’s bedroom one night. We knew we were aiming for something with a sad love song vibe, and as Abby began humming over the piano we knew it had potential”, Daryuish says about the song.

“Drawing from my previous experiences, I wrote lyrics that represent the emotional turmoil one goes through when dealing with heartbreak. In times when I felt alone and somewhat hopeless I wrote what I felt in the moment. Heartbreak is something a lot of people can relate to and so I wanted to reach people on an emotional level and connect with those who have felt the emotions that are instilled within the lyrics”

Abby Buotte

Dreams Of Venus press photo 2 "Ventura Highway"

There is truthfulness to the song, like real pain and heartbreak painted with vivid imagery as the piano goes that leaves you feeling hopeless and sad as you would within the first actual few minutes past a break-up. As the drums kick in on the second half of the song, the production picks up and even as the lyrics are still going on about sadness, it feels like a light has been turned on and there is hope that it’ll pass.

“Ventura Highway” evokes real emotion with lyrics that cut like a knife such as ‘does she kiss you like I did back then? we could have been so much more‘ and the painful line ‘I gave you all my love and now I have none for myself‘; it’s raw and it’s complicated to deal with such feelings.

Dreams of Venus managed to release a first single that sounds like something other people would’ve spent years trying to write. it’s a perfect sad rock ballad that dwells in the sadness and grief, because when it hurts this much you have to take your time with it; but never overwhelms. An absolutely remarkable first single that without a doubt leaves you wanting more from them.


Dreams Of Venus press photo "Ventura Highway"


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