“Outta My Head” New Dark single by Meat in Space

Behold! A second single in support of an upcoming EP from the project known as Meat in Space, the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Shawn Stedman, is on its way from out-of-his-head and into yours! In case my poorly delivered pun did not register (certainly wouldn’t blame you if it didn’t), the name of the new single is in fact titled, “Outta My Head.”


And if you’re a fan of down n’ dirty Garage-Punk revival, and/or Lofi Noise-Punk, you are in for a treat. The new song embodies fuzzy distorted guitars and a grunge-like darkness, just as its predecessor “Chromium Dioxide,” released last February did. The sound perfectly captures that legacy tape sound because, well, it was recorded on physical tape. A classic Tascam 488 to be exact! Ahh, such a lost art. Stedman himself expressed his desire for a “crispy cassette saturation” on the drums during the process of mixing down the drums into 2 tracks of tape with an Allen & Heath mixer. Check it out here.

Shawn Stedman has cited some of my personal favorite garage rockers such as Dinosaur Jr. and Jay Reatard as influences on his songwriting. Man, those artists are some of my best-sounding vinyl, lemme tell ya. And naturally, major acts like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, which I am no stranger to professing my fondness for as well, are big influences in his signature sound. If I were to offer my first impression upon hearing, I would also say I initially thought of Mudhoney in the mix of sound, which is a great thing in my book.

Stedman plays all the instruments in the production of Meat in Space, of which includes guitar, bass, drums, vocals, Casio drum machines, and synths. As mentioned before, he is also mixing and tracking everything on tape up to the point of Mastering. Stedman draws inspiration from a DIY punk ethos, emphasizing primarily on the feeling and expression the artform emits. Viva la Meat in Space! I’m looking forward to hearing more from the forthcoming EP.

I had an inspirational spark of creativity after listening to a few garage rock staples and heard the guitar riff and vocal melody in my head. It seemed simple and kind of dumb, but still had a hookiness to it. I’ve learned to never judge an idea in the early stages and at least document it, even if it goes nowhere, so I made a phone recording of me humming the guitar part and the melody. I returned to the idea and the rest of the song came together very quickly.

I guess the lesson here is to let go of logical judgment and let art flow if it has a feel. Let a song go where it needs to go and do not get in the way with rational judgment. The song turned out quite loose as a result, but could not have been any other way. I genuinely hope this song gets people out of their head. It’s a message I myself need, and hopefully can be medicine for others.

Shawn Stedman, Meat in Space


Meat in Space "Outta My Head" press photo


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