Audri’s shift into rock music on new EP “Sugar for the Flies”

Seattle-based singer and songwriter Audri’s sound goes big on her new EP Sugar for the Flies. Her first release since last year’s Mechanic High sees Audri expanding her sound into a more rock-oriented one, while still remaining as heartfelt as ever. On the four tracks that make up Sugar for the Flies, we get Audri at her best yet; combining the soft and confessional tones of her past work with dramatic and theatre-like dynamics.


The EP kicks off with the wonderful “Sensational”, and even before we reach the first-minute mark she’s already hooked us in. The mix of distorted guitars with pianos and strings creates an almost surrealist atmosphere as she perfectly crafts a story about an investigative journalist trying to bring down a corrupt conglomerate. It’s so well written that there are plot twists to the story, such as our hero’s true intentions, and she does it all in just over four minutes. If it sounds like the perfect script for a short film, it’s because it is. From then on in, she just lets loose and soars above the ever-changing sounds and stories – and has a lot of fun in the process.

Across the EP, Audri takes us on several journeys, sings about a wide variety of themes, and even gives us warnings and advice. On the second track, “Black Out”, Audri tells the tale of a young man marked by family trauma and struggles to not end up like his own father even though his inner rage forces him to keep repeating the same patterns without seeing a way out of them. It’s a complex generational trauma that can be easily relatable, and it is probably the softer-sounding track on the EP.

“Girl in Blue” is a somewhat blues-inspired ballad about the shortcomings of a doomed relationship, and the girl in question had been warned about the toxicity of it all by her friends but just didn’t listen – and now wonders what went wrong. The song has a 90s Liz Phair type of structure, and it sounds so good as the angry guitar riffs seem to be seen through the background pianos and vocal harmonies. The EP ends with “Angel in the Grey” and it explores the feeling of falling in love with a friend – but not exactly in a romantic way, more in the way of finding a shared sense of vulnerability and hope.

“The theme for this EP is “two sides of a coin” or how things aren’t always what they appear”, Audri herself says about the work. “I have already released four EPs and noticed over the years my songwriting slowly shifted more towards a rock sound. I wanted to make an EP that fully embraces the rock elements in my songwriting. So with Sugar for the Flies, I did just that”, she concludes. The rock sounds she embraced are truly something, and it makes her writing feel even more powerful.

Audri knows how to write lyrics that feel like slow burners, letting the listener simmering in them just to change it all in a matter of seconds and she makes it as natural as a chord change, and she’s been doing it since her first ever EP in 2020. Sugar for the Flies marks a change in her sound, and by adding the rockier bits to it she sounds even more in control of what is happening.

Sugar for the Flies is a transition for Audri into a fully developed songwriter who finally found her true sound, and is doing her best to explore it as well as she can. We can still find her old vulnerability and raw emotions in this, and this is what makes the EP so compelling. She’s just learned something new about herself, and she’s sharing it with the world – and having an absolute blast while doing it.



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