Project 1268 releases “Me Now Free”, a poignant song about searching one’s path in life

This Friday sees the release of Project 1268’s newest song titled “Me Now Free”, a song that follows the path of a woman trying to find her way through life and learning from mistakes along the course. An anthemic emotional outpour on a cinematic setting, Project 1268’s newest story will not leave anyone indifferent. Quite the contrary – “Me Now Free” is highly inspiring.


Beautiful vocals and piano-driven melodies begin the story from the beginning. A fairytale that soon took a less great turn as the woman “gave herself away” to a man who couldn’t care, is now a search for one’s purpose and learning to love herself. Swaying melodies and warm-hearted instrumentation support the search and lift up the mood. And when the exhilarating horn solo arrives, it becomes impossible to not root for the woman on her journey to find her freedom. Introspective and highly personal, this is an anthem of finding yourself.

Project 1268 "Me Now Free" press photo bridge

Project 1268 is a duo of best friends, who first met in high school and later rekindled their friendship in a later stage of their lives. The soul-pop duo has a knack for captivating storytelling and creative use of words to clearly describe the young woman’s struggles and dreams. Haley’s gentle yet powerful vocals are full of emotion and run smoothly along Craig’s beautiful instrumental work, and the result is, well, incredible. “Me Now Free” is also the first song coming from the duo’s third full-length set to be born sometime in 2024!

“Me Now Free” is out on all major platforms on this Friday, September 22nd!

Project 1268 "Me Now Free" press photo


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