Nasmore – “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”

Nasmore brings new life to a timeless classic with his unique interpretation of “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”. Made in collaboration with talented artists Johnny and Neil Taylor, this funk-rap version of the global hit truly achieves to sinks deep into the listener’s psyche.



“This collaboration was an exhilarating journey. We wanted to push boundaries to craft a sound that resonates with multiple generations. We believe we’ve achieved that.”

Neil and Nasmore
Nasmore "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" press photo

That’s right my friends, a rendition of Rod Stewart’s massive single will soon hit the shelves. A wonderful production by Canadian artist Nasmore, and a top-tier performance by artists Johnny and Neil Taylor. Delight your senses with its substantial groove and modern-day qualities.

The track has been flipped upside down, adding rap verses and a funk instrumentation. Truly a wild musical experience that very much pays its respects to the original. Groovy, funky, seductive, and addictive, this version is just as fun as its predecessor and will make you wanna swing around with its cool attitude.

Each artist brings a distinct flair to the track, with Nasmore’s captivating beats, Neil Taylor’s soulful interludes, and Johnny’s dynamic rap verses.

Johnny’s youthful vocals add new life to the song, and Neil’s amazing guitar leads rock us away with authentic originality. The whole track screams with a wild spirit, a vibrant parade of recognizable melodies, keeping the essence of the original track intact.

The amazing trio came together to celebrate a classic while exploring new musical horizons. Blending nostalgia with a contemporary spirit, the result is more than just a cover, as it will resonate with old-school lovers, as well as modern-day listeners.

So, listen now!


Nasmore "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" press photo 2


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