Cristina Movileanu’s gorgeous folk single “Full Moon”

Hailing from Dunshaughlin, Ireland, Cristina Movileanu’s new single “Full Moon” sounds like a fairytale. It’s beautiful and it’s magical from start to finish, as the artist sings through a gorgeous production heavily inspired by traditional Irish folk. There are glimmering strings and the plucking of guitars, and her powerful vocals seem to guide everything to a final destination.


Cristina’s had a successful run of singles in 2023 so far, including an unusual and most interesting collaboration with Tanzanian rapper Makacha in July. “Full Moon” is her fourth solo release, and shows us that Cristina is a fully formed songwriter with a very clear vision and a fresh perspective on indie folk. The way she adds elements and dynamics of the traditional folk that tie back to her roots makes her sound truly authentic and unique to the indie musical sphere right now.

On “Full Moon”, she takes us on a journey “weaving tales of dreams and shadows”, in a song that was made for moments of daydreaming and self-reflection. She starts the song with the line ‘Stop a moment and talk to the moon, you know you are here but you’re leaving so soon‘ and it sounds like advice you’d hear from an elderly person before a long trip. Cristina creates exactly this atmosphere of communing with nature, especially celestial bodies such as the Moon itself, as a way of seeking guidance before making big decisions and wandering off to follow your dreams.

“Full Moon is a deeply personal song born from a period of deep self-reflection and introspection. The song embodies an internal conflict and dialogue. The verses serve as words of encouragement, while the choruses express fears and shadows, creating a poignant musical journey through my emotional landscape.”

Cristina Movileanu

There is a warmth to “Full Moon”, as the strings culminate and encircle her voice and the percussion kicks in. Cristina’s new single flows and shifts much like the seas and tides move affected by the moon and it’s absolutely beautiful. She manages to craft a song that seems like it’s ever-changing directions and circles around like sparkling fireflies – even though, in the end, it’s not aimless at all and knows exactly where it’s headed.

The Irish singer continues to surprise with unconventional choices, poetic lyricism, and crystal-clear vocals. There is a message of hope and love from “Full Moon”, like someone saying that the road you’re about to get to might have its roughness but you’ll get through it and come out stronger on the other side.


Cristina Movileanu "Full Moon" press photo
“Expect to find some earthy folk sounds intertwined with reflective storytelling, I am hoping to stay true to my vision.” Cristina Movileanu

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