Ray Johnson presents “Ocean Blue”, a song of a seasoned sailor full of remembrance

Recently, on August 18th, singer-songwriter Ray Johnson released his third album, a blue-covered LP called “Appealing To Angels”. This Friday the successful release is followed up by the second single to come from said album, the similarly blue-colored song titled “Ocean Blue”. For Ray and the weathered soul singing this melody in his search of the lost youth, all colors beam through ocean blue.


“Ocean Blue” immediately wraps us into a warm, swaying rhythmic melody of a strummed guitar that gives off strong imagery of endless ocean waves. Those heartwarming strums are joined by Ray Johnson’s soft vocals that sound exactly like those of a sailor longingly staring at the horizon, wondering where the youthful days went. Through metaphors and poetic lyricism, Ray’s deep introspective gaze and thoughts about the passage of time may not bring back the lost times, but they definitely add comfort to the thought of mortality. In this ocean-blue world we live in, nothing lasts forever. The old soul in this song feels at peace.


“Ocean Blue is a song I wrote last year, I believe. I was reflecting back on my life and events that have unfolded of many years. It’s inevitable that at some point you start considering your own mortality and how much time has passed and how little left there is. I saw myself as that guy at this point in my life. Suddenly an image of an old crusty sailor on a wooden shanty sailing the open seas came to mind. Old bearded man, captains hat, weather worn soul, now in search of his youth that has disappeared all to soon.

The ocean so vast and so blue with so many mysteries untold and a never ending life pitted against an old man running out of time. I wrote the lyrics based on those concepts and imagery. Musically, it only made sense for me to create/style the music in a traditional sea chanty. A style not used much today, if at all, but in this case, a perfect match. That my friend is Ocean Blue.”

Ray Johnson

The serene inward-looking sea chanty echoes Ray Johnson’s skills at making impactful and inspiring music with a timeless feel. Music has followed Ray since he was really quite small. singing at 6 and learning to play guitar at 12 years of age. Since then, the budging artist has grown into a prominent figure in the local music scene with cover bands and as a solo act. Today, Ray Johnson lives in Saint Charles, US, where he produces music in his own studio. And just like the blue ocean connects all the lands, Ray’s music finds love from around the world. Rightfully so!

Ray Johnson "Ocen Blue" press photo

“I write from influences of the ’60s and ’70s, what I call 60’s pop sensibilities with 70’s singer/songwriter stylings. You could hear my music in genres of americana, folk, acoustic pop, soft rock, yach rock, singer songwriters of the 70’s, 60′ pop like the Byrds, Beatles, Lovin’ Spoonful, 70’s songwriters like James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, Cat Stevens, Paul Simon and many many others. I concentrate on strong melody, storytelling and concepts of the human mind and spirit.”

Ray Johnson

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