Centrifuge’s new single “It’s All Gone”

German Rock outfit, Centrifuge, makes our bodies move with their new single “It’s All Gone”. An enchanting track with lots of groove and fun energy, despite the fact that the protagonist has lost everything! Still, he feels like dancing. Out now!


The sound of CENTRIFUGE brings together the drama of 70s Power Pop, the rawness of 90s Alternative and the playfulness of 00s Indie.

Centrifuge is a Stuttgart-based Rock band with influences that span from The Pixies to Big Star, T-Rex to Midnight Fan Club. Created by singer and songwriter MILLER, Felix, Flo and Volker, this German band truly knows how to rock out their way through adversity.

“It’s All Gone” is a fantastically written song about a person losing all hope in life, when meeting this inevitable other person. In Centrifuge’s words, it’s like feeling like waking up from a long and dreamless sleep, finding oneself sitting at the table in a kitchen sink painting of John Bratby, reflecting on the situation and realizing “It’s All Gone”!

The track is divided into four different sections: The surprising intro, the exciting verses, the hooky chorus, and the unexpected second chorus. A fast-paced track with blazing melodies, startling vocals, and mesmerizing drum rhythms that will surely lift you up when feeling down.

CENTRIFUGE released “It’s All Gone” as their second of three precursor singles to the EP “Daydreams & Breakdowns” which will be released this autumn.

The single is a reminder to stay positive, even after losing everything, and keep on dancing. So get on your dancing shoes and dance the blues away. Listen now.

Centrifuge press photo "It's All Gone"

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