LTB’s gorgeous alt-pop sophomore single “Slow Down”

Logan Barnhill, known professionally as LTB, just released his second single “Slow Down” following the success of his previous track “Rewind” and shows us that the first one wasn’t beginner’s luck. On “Rewind”, Logan delivered a heartfelt R&B ballad, and now on “Slow Down” he continues his journey on the pop/R&B road with another delicate song and a few surprises.


On his latest single Logan shifts the production a little bit by adding big-but-shy synths and an alternative pop vibe to it, featuring electronic elements and choirs with more of a chillwave sound than before. He didn’t abandon the R&B for sure, as the style is very much present in the background – especially on vocal lines and melodies. “Slow Down” is a song about allowing yourself to literally slow down and take a minute for yourself, about searching for peace and serenity in the middle of a chaotic world.

The interesting thing about it is that soul-searching, and taking a moment are also mentioned in the background. As he sings ‘Full speed, can’t get no rest, gotta keep on going before I drown‘, the backing vocals remind you: ‘take a breath and slow down‘. It comes to show that we can’t really shut off the world even when we need to take a minute to do exactly that. “Slow Down” comes from a place of vulnerability and understanding that the world sometimes can be too much, but we keep going anyway. It’s a song made to remind you that it’s okay to need a minute to reassess yourself and what you’re going through.

Logan once again shows that he has a knack for emotional content done right, as his rich voice can sound extremely raw as the sounds around it invite you to calm down. “Slow Down” immerses you in its atmospheres and nuances, and manages to be a big step forward for Logan when it comes to how it actually sounds. By adding the synths and alternative pop production to his pop-infused R&B background, Logan seems more than ready to take on the world. With two tracks in, he already proved himself as one of the most interesting names in the R&B landscape right now.


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