9 o’clock Nasty, I am the Unicorn Head, The Miller Test, and more great stuff for you to enjoy!

This is 9Albums/EPs You Should Liste To Week 31, every week I pick 9 albums/EPs recently released by unknown artists that I share with you, I enjoyed all, so I want to invite you to give them a chance and listen to them. The album of the week is for 9 o’clock Nasty with “Culture War 23”, I am the Unicorn Head dropped their concept album “Unicorns in Space”, and The Miller Test and their new album “Double Country”.

9 o'clock Nasty "Culture War 23" artwork

I appreciate you for showing some love to these artists, streaming these albums is a really cool way to help this artist, remember to give them a follow, a + (Spotify), and a heart (social media), you might already know it but I have to say it: you rock! Waste no more time and let’s get to it!



1.- Picture this: it’s September 30th, and you’ve just been blasted in the ear-hole by some guitar-riffing, rhythm-pulsating, upbeat rock and roll peppered with a dash of “mildly sarcastic” lyricism. Would you know what time it is? I know you know…of course you do. That’s right, it’s 9 O’Clock Nasty! You can keep reading our review here.

2.- I Am The Unicorn Head has finally released their much-anticipated album “Unicors in Space“. “The First Unicorn On Mars” is its closing track. A song about the human/unicorn struggle: fighting against adversity and turning out victorious in the end. Out now!

I Am The Unicorn Head "Unicorn in Space" artwork

3.- London band The Miller Test concocts a tasty musical fusion with their third album, “Double Country”. Known for their outlaw art rock style, the band seamlessly blends noise electronica, rock, funk guitars, and gospel harmonies, creating a sonic tapestry that combines soulful Americana, English irony, and moody rebel lyricism. You can keep reading our review here.

4.- Defying traditional genre boundaries in favor of musical exploration, Brian Lambert‘s “Wild” promises an adventurous listening experience. With each track, listeners are taken on a journey of discovery, keeping them engaged and intrigued from start to finish. Brian Lambert’s magnetic stage presence combined with his relentless passion for music makes him a standout artist in today’s world. I’ll be publishing our review for this album really soon… stay tuned!

5.- It’s always exciting to introduce a band, and this time I’m going to dive into the first EP from Irish/Scottish punk rock trio Packetloss, “Disconnected“. The band started playing together online and haven’t yet met up in person for an actual performance of the songs, but you could never tell any of that just by listening to their debut EP. You can keep reading our review here.

6.- Swivvel, the Miami-based dreamy indie rock band has just recently released their debut EP “Passerby”, a 3-track ode to the summers spent on the beaches of their home city. Sunny yet poignant, this warm-hearted little record holds loads of lovely memories of a really hazy, colorful, and eventful hot season. You can keep reading our review here.

7.- SanityPerspectives” in their own word: “Sanity, formed in Poznań, Poland, in 2008, is more than just a band; we love and aim to play thought-provoking, emotionally charged music. Our name, derived from the English word for emotional sobriety, perfectly mirrors the lyrical core of “Perspectives.” Expect lyrics that delve into human perception, reality, and culture – a treasure trove for deep thinkers and music enthusiasts alike.”

8.- Deep Cricket NightSong of the Siren Saved” in their own words: “Deep Cricket Night has come out the pandemic with a sonic-style shift through the wormhole. We used the roots at the portal’s gate as a ladder, climbing out of our past sound. The present sound regards fulfilling the new, post-pandemic range. For practical cliches, our sound is now akin to Joy Division meets 1970 Pink Floyd with Syd still in the room”

9.- pvkeslvt “Double Desire” in their own words: “Our eclectic style mixes aggressive metal, electropop, punk, techno, alternative rock, post-rock, dance, electronica, hyperpop, metalcore, and prog metal. “Double Desire” is a musical journey influenced by a vast spectrum of artists like World’s End Girlfriend, Liturgy, Celldweller, Fire-Toolz, Käärijä, Rammstein, Klaus Schulze, and more.”

Also worth giving a listen to Culann and their EP “Songs of Saints & Reivers“, LEEKAYJA with the EP “…too catchy, therefore worthless“, and Sasha Ortiz and her debut EP “Superblue“.

I hope not only you can enjoy these artists but also remember to support them, streaming and sharing their work that obviously you can find in the Playlist Less Than 1,000 FollowersFresh SinglesIndie OnlyAlterindie State of MindFemale Rising Stars12 New Songs This WeekChill – Folk – AcousticDebut Bands (Off The Radar)Sickest & Dopest, and Unknown but Essentials!

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Here is a guide (Playlist) with one track from each of the albums presented in this round-up:

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