Lucy Crisp sweeps away the fears with her new powerful single “Locked Down”

Lucy Crisp brings out a flame of positivity at the start of October with a new song titled “Locked Down”. The Nottingham-based pop singer-songwriter tackles the strong effect the Covid lockdown has left on her in the song, and through the self-exploratory process inspires her to forge on and reach out for positive things despite all adversities that life throws on the way.


Lucy’s new song comes packed with colorful melodies and vibrant technicolor synths. Underneath the captivating positivity, “Locked Down” is a story of how lockdowns affected the artist’s life both mentally and physically. There is no sulking though – through strong lyricism, powerful vocals, speedy rhythm, and uplifting melodies Lucy encourages us to cherish the hope for freedom and better days ahead, even if the current time feels gloomy. “Nothing can stop me now!” she exclaims as determination and newfound energy are filling the air.

“The music works very well to the a-ha take on me music video if you start the music at 0:37 mark.”

Lucy Crisp "Lock Down" press photo

“I want the listeners to feel like they’re going on a journey in this song and to feel the syncopated rhythm and get lost in the music itself!”

Lucy Crisp


“Locked Down” is the second single to come from Lucy Crisp’s upcoming debut EP “65 Roses”, which will be out later in the year, on November 3rd. The EP, which is autobiographical by nature, is inspired by Lucy’s personal stories as a woman diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that requires lifelong medication. Through heartfelt honesty and captivating melodies, Lucy encourages the listeners to be more open about their feelings. Whatever your struggles might be, you’re not alone!

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“When we were doing the music video in London we filmed in Hampstead Heath and then I found out 3 days later Harry Styles was there. I was gutted because that would’ve been funny to have him in the video. I also almost got hit by an undercover police car that was going to an emergency in Leicester Square. It wasn’t even a busy road and the car raced down, luckily I’m alive and well haha!”

Lucy Crisp


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