Jim Bower’s new single “Obsolete” extends its arms towards humans stuck in advancing technology

Last week, on October 6th, Jim Bower released his newest single titled “Obsolete”. Trickled with humor laced with dread for what the future of high tech will bring forth, Jim Bower takes on the viewpoint of an old device and finds himself feeling completely left behind by the fast-advancing tech. “Obsolete” is a melody of ZX Spectrum, once so bright and bold in its 8-bit glory, feeling dusty and rundown in 2023… or is this melody sung by a human losing the familiar trustworthy “dumb tech” instead?


Whichever option we choose, the song still hits with its vibrant synthpop atmosphere supported by 5/4 time. Vocoder vocals are embedded in dusty warmth and melodies that carry a hint of desperation as all the errors hit seemingly at the same time as well as questions of self-identity in the new time. But at the same time as the antiquated nose senses a whiff of landfill, “Obsolete” seems also to embrace some form of glorious indifference powered by a huge dose of existential dread. Then again, what can one do as an outdated machine or a worker person with no real qualifications who just lost their job to a machine?

Jim Bower press photo "Obsolete"
“What can people expect? Something intelligent but fun. It’s a good song; it’s in 5/4 time, which is unusual.” Jim Bower

Jim Bower, formerly a fronting member of Shatner and now a solo artist making music with producer Will Jackson, also makes videos to accompany his songs. The track comes with one and it offers a colorful and disjointed peek into the world through an obsolete lens. With broken machines, endless errors, clips of adverts introducing old tech that was brand new at the time, and grinding blades ruthlessly chomping down everything thrown in, the release carries a lot of dread spiced with dark humor. Notice the King’s coronation?


This is the second single arriving from Jim Bower’s upcoming album “The Fourth Wall”, a release that will also look into the position of humans in the world where more machines start to think. Expect even more humor-trickled thoughts of self-deprecation kind looking straight into the uncertain future.

The single “Obsolete” is out now on all major platforms!


“I only want to make great art, I do not care about a career, my goal is simply to make everything I do better than the last thing I did, which is hard, and better than most other music, which is easy.”

Jim Bower

Jim Bower press photo 2 "Obsolete"


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