Lierda’s new & beautiful single “Stay” is a heartfelt and heartbroken ballad about wanting to try again

All the way from Doha, Qatar, the electronic musical duo Lierda just released their new single, the heartbroken ballad “Stay”. Lierda is composed of singer and producer Adrien Charafeddine alongside Gilles Eid, who composes the songs and shares writing duties with Adrien. Their music is a soulful experience, blending soft and calm R&B-inspired sounds with meaningful lyrics and a stunning sense of beauty surrounding the production.


Lierda has been releasing excellent singles since 2019 and they keep on improving with each new song, which is amazing to hear. On their latest, “Stay”, the duo does an incredible job of creating a hauntingly beautiful and thick atmosphere, making striking use of space. This really contributes to the overall feeling of the track, which is heartbreak.

Adrien sings about wanting to make amends, to correct his wrongdoings, and begs for another chance to show how sorry he is about what went down in this relationship. The use of a very sparse production with minimal instruments really compliments the vibe of it all and the result is breathtaking. The gorgeous production work on “Stay” remind you of some of the best slow songs from names like The Weeknd and Rihanna, and this is saying a lot.

There is real and raw emotion in Adrien’s voice, we can feel all that he’s going through and it sounds oh-so-beautiful. You can’t help but feel that, if this was happening to you, you would indeed give him a second chance – that’s how powerful the simple vocals are. “Stay” is just a little nugget of a song, clocking in at just under two minutes long, and this actually works perfectly – in the narrative that Adrien is singing about, we get no conclusion and no indication of what happened.

The decision to end the song so abruptly holds a meaningful feeling of things left unresolved, as the story isn’t over yet and this is just the beginning of a redemption arc that we don’t get to see the way play out. It’s a very smart move and a very interesting structure for a song so emotional as this one.

“This song symbolizes the good times in the bad; we are expressing that despite the issues many may face we still strive to be in the right mental state and doing what we can to achieve our dreams. A song that will ultimately make you feel chill with beautiful seamless transitions and a wavy beat to vibe and drive to.”

Lierda definitely knows how to explore emotions and how to construct feelings with minimal instruments. The lyrics are what it’s important here, and this feeling of things remaining unresolved is intriguing and keeps you coming back to the track once it’s over. “Stay” definitely stands tall amongst Lierda’s best so far, and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with next.


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