“Adverse Camber” by no ordinary fish — A Nostalgic Ode to Classic Rock Harmony

“Adverse Camber” by no ordinary fish is a really well-written and crafted retro alt-rock album. This is a soulful record of the golden era of classic rock, seamlessly blending the best of 60s pop and 90s alternative indie vibes. Hailing from Exeter, UK, this four-piece band, led by Stuart Pearce, Debbie Pearce, Rich Booth, and Gary McMullen, has curated an album that resonates with warm, fuzzy guitar tones and infectious harmony vocals, reminiscent of the legendary sounds of The Beatles.


Over the course of 2 years, “Adverse Camber” was crafted at the band’s home studio, a project that began during the challenging times of the Pandemic. Mastered by the accomplished Duncan Chave, the album carries an organic and raw quality, reflecting the heartfelt emotions woven into its fabric.

The album kicks off with the energetic track “How It Lands,” an upbeat indie pop rock anthem layered with jangly crunchy rhythm guitars, immediately setting the tone for the journey ahead. Following suit, “Closer I Am” immerses the listener in a wave of fuzzy guitar tones, evoking a raw and nostalgic garage rock sound. Tracks like “Back to ’91” effortlessly transport the listener to the heyday of 80s and 90s British alternative and indie rock, blending clean tones with electric guitar crunch.

“Summer Song” encapsulates the essence of a bright and cheerful melody, reminiscent of the timeless warmth of “Here Comes The Sun,” with its mid-level guitar tones painting a serene musical landscape. “Another Planet” is a catchy garage rock song. “Snarky” features some lovely vocal harmonies. “Confusion” has a well-rounded bass line. Diversifying their sound, “Shadowlands” serves as the album’s opus closer, incorporating progressive rock elements with a heartfelt rock ballad. The song culminates in a phenomenal blazing guitar solo, serving as a fitting climax and undoubtedly one of the album’s highlights.

“Adverse Camber” effortlessly captures the spirit of the past while infusing it with a fresh, contemporary perspective. The meticulous attention to detail in each track, from the thoughtful bass lines to the carefully textured guitar tones, makes this album a nostalgic yet contemporary masterpiece. The band no ordinary fish has succeeded in creating an authentic and soulful album, delivering a musical experience that transcends time, appealing to both old and new generations of music lovers.

With its seamless fusion of rock’s golden era charm and contemporary indie sensibilities, “Adverse Camber” is a must-listen for any music enthusiast yearning for a timeless yet fresh musical journey.


no ordinary fish press photo "adverse camber"


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