Irina Imme takes a deep look into survival and depression in rocking single “Globe”

This January, Irina Imme has embarked on a new era with “Globe” being the first single on that path. This era, ultimately leading up to a new EP “Blue Forever“, tackles serious themes with moody and edgy alt-rock-infused melodies and lyricism while allowing us to live out all that painful stuff that’s building up inside. “Globe” starts the era as an anthem of existing on Earth while feeling like an emotional husk. Surviving, but not really living.


“Globe” stands as a deep blue rock song observing life with a deep-cut unfillable void inside. Irina Imme’s lyrics and vocals give a painfully clear vision of what it’s like to live in an emotionless state, a deep depression with self-disappointment being the only thing left to feel. The grey post-breakup realm, bruises of abuse, and reflections of what she thought she’d become instead make “Globe” a serious and impactful story, while also offering an opportunity to gaze at the hurt inside and pour it all out at the chorus along with her powerful voice.


Irina Imme, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, is a very fruitful artist as she’s written more than 300 songs to this day. “Globe”, along with the newer single “Stupid“, are the newest releases to come from her pen. Irina Immer also loves to remain free from the boundaries of one single genre, so she’s been experimenting with pop ballads and guitar-driven indie pop. Now as she has taken darker themes like isolation and the aftermath of toxic relationships in focus, the artist drives the messages forth in an emotionally intense alt-rock format. So if you’re hurting for whatever reason, here’s the perfect artist to let you live it out!

Irina Imme press photo 2 "Globe"



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