Trypan’s bold and experimental song “Celestial Scream”

Metal as a genre can sometimes be pretty predictable and straightforward, even in its countless variations you usually know what to expect. This is definitely not the case when it comes to American experimental post-metal band Trypan and their song “Celestial Scream”. This track is an otherworldly journey that keeps you constantly on your toes.


Trypan had already proven themselves as one of the most creative acts in the instrumental metal realm with their stunning debut album They Will Forget You” last year. The fact that the band has kept their momentum going by releasing a string of new music throughout this year alone is a remarkable feat; even more so when you actually listen to their new material. The band is constantly trying out new things, reinventing its sound, and making it bolder more layered, and interesting with each new release.

“The idea of the music composition is to create a unique listening experiece that grabs the attention of the listener without many or any lyrics. We want to transport them away from worries, depression, fear, and all other negative things we face everyday.”

Jake / Trypan

“Celestial Scream” clocks in at just under three minutes, their shortest track to date, and it’s also one of their most explosive ones. The production is simply uncanny, giving room for the full spectrum of emotions to shine at the right moment. There is so much going on with the repeating vocal samples, the cacophony of electronics, and heavy guitar riffs that sound extremely urgent. The sense of urgency explored by the band on this matches no other, sounding like an experimental metal track that someone like Poppy would love to sing over.

“We blend a sound of raging guitars and drums and compliment them with an electronic infusion.” 

“The essence of “Celestial Scream” is about transcending the boundaries of our everyday existence and venturing into a cosmic realm where you can temporarily forget about the burdens of life – even screaming out into the open towards space if you’d like”, band member Jake himself says about the song. And there is no better way of putting it. “Celestial Scream” does sound like an escapist song; amongst all the chaos that it lights, the track features the underlying feeling of a well-deserved break from reality. At least for those almost three minutes, the world around you doesn’t seem to matter – and this is quite an achievement.


Trypan "Celestial Scream" press photo
Listeners should expect the unexpected and receive a wall of sound. Our band motto is “Sounds to Fight Depression”. Jake


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