Moon and Aries’s new single “Don’t Feed the Demons” sounds like a new beginning

The loveable Canadian/German electronic music duo Moon and Aries is back with another synthpop gem! “Don’t Feed the Demons”, their latest work, is like an amalgamation of everything they’ve ever put out before, but somehow even more nuanced. Jordana Moon and Tom Aries are at the top of their game, exploring a new side to their sounds and songwriting.


The duo came up with an electronic track that adds their usual elements from trip hop to it, but this time around it sounds even more seductive, sensual, and sensorial than their past. The upbeat tempo makes it an incredibly dynamic song, making excellent use of space. “Don’t Feed the Demons” feels like it takes you on a journey through space and time, having an almost sci-fi feel to it at the same time that it seems to be utterly grounded and human.

“Don’t Feed the Demons” is all about self-reflection and empowerment: a track written about anxiety, about facing your own inner demons and hurdles and trying your best not to dwell in everything they represent. It pushes you toward a place of strength within yourself and reminds you that the world surrounding you will reflect said positive thoughts. “Don’t Feed the Demons” is a song, at the end of the day, about finding that positivity and being determined to let it outshine the darker parts of yourself. The beautifully shot lyric video illustrates this very well, showing the demons as skeletons painted directly on the skin with fluorescent paint.


It also features a very interesting production that sounds unusual for the band, it’s poppier. And I say this with the best of intentions because it sounds really good. Some of their earlier work, such as the gorgeous “Traffic“, was focused on 90s R&B; but now on “Don’t Feed the Demons” they come at it from a full-on 80s synthpop perspective. It’s like the band hit the accelerator this time, speeding everything up and making everything around it sound brand new for them. The trip-hop is still at their core and it absolutely shows, but making their latest single sound a bit more accessible in a sort of way makes the message of the song resonate even more.

Moon and Aries "Don't Feed The Demon" press photo

Moon and Aries are constantly trying out new things, and they never let down. “Don’t Feed the Demons” is no different, sounding like a band that is ready to take a new step in a bold new direction, and it sounds incredibly exciting to hear where they go from here.



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