Storm Boy creating “the Steam in the Room” an amazing new single

Post-hardcore rockers, Storm Boy – an Olympia, Washington-based band – just dropped their new single, “The Steam in the Room” on YouTube today October 6th.  The band’s guitarist/vocalist Chas Roberts, does a stunning job of directing the video, shot by Brett Bollier and Anna Stills. They all did quite an amazing job at immersing viewers in a post-apocalyptic world where individuals face unique challenges.


Accompanied by a dissonant Pacific Northwest sound, you can really see how one compliments the other. Storm Boy, in addition to Roberts, is comprised of Jack Portwood on bass, and Jeremy Anderson on the drums. The striking new single was recorded in Seattle at Titan Recording Studio by Scot Michael.

Conceptually, the video came about from a dystopian-themed discussion Roberts was having with Ash Diaz, former Storm Boy guitarist, that left Roberts inspired to write a song about the profound hardships and solitude experienced by one seeking personal connection and attempting to build trust in a post-apocalyptic setting.

The opening scene, with a partially submerged building, sets a desolate tone.  A lone individual navigates the remnants of a dystopian landscape. The person scours the surroundings for supplies, which are brought back to an encampment in the arid desert. The video beautifully captures her dancing in the flickering light of a firework, symbolizing moments of joy amid the desolation in the harsh environment.

The video concludes with her holding a torch, heading to her outdoor bathtub. As the song reaches its climax, she takes a long look at the flame before casting it into the bath to create the symbolic “steam in the room.” The song’s message about the fusion of fire and water, representing the potential for transformative change, is powerfully depicted. It’s a reminder that even in the most challenging circumstances, human resilience and the coming together of opposing forces can spark the change needed for a better world. Well done video!

Releasing on Bandcamp Friday, you guessed it, we have ourselves a #Bandcamper alert! This is an ideal download for those of us partaking in supporting independent music on that celebrated first Friday of (mostly) every month when Bandcamp waives their revenue fees for artists.


The song is energetic and catchy. The lyrics are honest and heartfelt. I’d say this band is a good recommendation for fans of bands similar to the likes of Face to Face, Strike Anywhere, or Against Me.



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