Lauren Glick reveals an uplifting single “Set Me Free”

Lauren Glick, Maryland-based singer-songwriter, started off the month of October with a brand new single “Set Me Free”. This potent rocking song stands strong like a person breaking free from the bounds of unhealthy relationships and encourages listeners to join the ride towards a healthier life through confidence.


“Set Me Free” carries a wealth of soul within its blues-rock atmosphere. Lauren has a lush vibrant voice with cheerfulness and mature weight to it, and the single gains an endlessly positive tone through her singing. The charm of Lauren’s vocals along with foot-shuffling, toe-tapping melodies spark a whole lot of good energy and inspire assertiveness even if the situation present in the lyrics is nerve-consuming. Still, “Set Me Free” sets down the foot and fills the air with a warm, joyful sound.

Lauren Glick "Set Me Free" artwork

As an accomplished and really quite busy artist, Lauren Glick loves writing music and regularly goes out on stage to perform her songs as well as the music of her favorite artists and influences, such as Led Zeppelin and Stevie Nicks. Lauren has so far released a whole slew of music, including 5 CDs and one EP, and when she’s not writing or performing, Lauren gives voice and piano lessons. Also, considering the amount of heart-healing spirit in her music, it’s not too surprising to learn that the singer also practices and teaches Kundalini and Yoga.

So, go listen to “Set Me Free” now on your favorite platforms. This tune is bound to make you feel the inspiration to take control back into your hands!

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