Carlos Ucedda reveals mystifying dark & dreamy electropop single “Animal Sauna”

Spanish singer-songwriter Carlos Ucedda brings forth his newest single and music video “Animal Sauna”. Come dive into the dark red haze and move your body to the driving beat – this fever dream realm is gonna leave a lasting effect!


Heated up and considerably dark, yet dreamy – Carlos Ucedda has woven a dancy and rather electrifying disco-infused song with the help of his reverbed vocals, jabby bassline, and hazy synths. The dancefloor-certified result is full of an ethereal atmosphere where melodies flow in a rather intoxicating manner and the vocals caress thoughts that may seem incoherent at first but then fall in place quite perfectly.

Carlos Ucedda "Animal Sauna" press photo

Like the single itself, “Animal Sauna”‘s music video is also surrounded by a veil of curious dark glow. As Carlos stirs up sensual magic, elements like the golden metal mask, the ribbon garment as well as diffuse lighting hitting the singer make for a rather otherworldly theme. Something that’s hidden deep within, for sure. See the video below:


The smoky groovy “Animal Sauna” is one example of a great variety of music Carlos Ucedda has in his discography. Inspired by a range of genres and artists, Carlos’ music cannot be described by one genre. Instead of getting lost in the terminological mess, he infuses his music with a whole lot of charm and fun, and that’s in the end what invites him to enjoy music.

Carlos has been releasing music since 2022 and his discography has a slew of singles, each with a different face and sound. If “Animal Sauna” got you interested, definitely check out the rest of what this Spanish artist has created – it really is diverse!

“Animal Sauna” is out now on all major platforms.

Carlos Ucedda "Animal Sauna" press photo 2


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