Gary Dranow – “Shimmering”

American songwriter, Gary Dranow, delights us with a beautiful and romantic single in “Shimmering”. An evocative and sentimental track about falling in love for the first time, but having to leave it behind. Out now!


Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions surprise us with their fourth single up to date. Taken from their upcoming album “Never Give Up”, this track stands out for its vulnerability and emotive lyrics. With an iridescent glow, “Shimmering” brings back old memories from Gary’s first love, Janine. Vocals are delivered by the extraordinary singer Caspar Aesthetic!

It’s about how they met and fell in love and then separated in their senior year. Gary experienced heartbreak for the first time back then. It was a coming-of-age time for Gary that he will never forget and has so lovingly written in this song.

“Shimmering” was constructed in an Americana / Ballad structure. Written in collaboration with guitarist Chris Zoupa, and produced by Jason Jones (Drums), the result is a beautiful track with lots of captivating emotions. Lyrics reflect just how Gary felt back then, with a broken heart and a head full of thoughts that to this day still echo inside him.

A wonderful delivery of verse, pre-chorus, and chorus, make this track a lovely ride across memory lane. A great track to dedicate to your special someone for sure! Acoustic guitars, smooth bass, hard-hitting drums, and powerful vocals define the core of the single, taking us on a dive into profound and caring melodies. So, listen now!

Chris and Gary over the last year have written, and Jason has produced 26 songs for their upcoming album Never Give Up, which will drop sometime toward the end of next year.

Gary Dranow press photo "Cry Of War"


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