Mary Knoblock unveils a hauntingly beautiful single “Heaven’s Bride”

Mary Knoblock started off this November with the release of a brand new single and this one is straight-up ethereal. Released on November 3rd and titled “Heaven’s Bride”, the song embraces with a flow of near-otherworldly melodies surrounding the core of love in the torn-up world dominated by hatred and death. Mary has dedicated the single to people living in war zones.


Inspired by the course of love where everything seems to be against it, “Heaven’s Bride” stands as a tribute to love and all the bitter and painful memories and moments it comes with. The beauty and tragedy of a love story are wrapped in stunning, echoing piano arrangement and transcendental vocals, something that could only be heard in a large cathedral wrapped in clouds. The heart-tearing pain and sadness are as present as the uplifting power of love, a testament to loving someone so much and being afraid and all too aware of the life-demanding fury that’s happening outside.

Mary Knoblock "Heaven's Bride" press photo

Surrounded by the vast silence as opposed to that fury, Mary Knoblock’s delicate vocals echo far and express the emotions in such a heightened way that painfully highlights the contrast between undying love and crushing reality. It’s a sorrowful acknowledgment of how fleeting and fragile love along with life can really be.

“Heaven’s Bride is essentially a conversation around a love story that draws parallels between the characters of love and war and discovering the highs and lows of love along with the complexity of life that can interrupt love and it’s story with new conflict to overcome together. It’s a story of the pressure of surviving the complex path of love through the elements of life.

If you’re spiritual it can also be a spiritual story as well. I had this moment of there’s a story here for the bride and groom or whomever you want to see in the story, and they start high on a mountain down to the valley and end up at the wailing wall which is also a parallel for how we go to each other to resolve love in a relationship and have to choose between leaving pain behind at the wailing wall or working through conflict and becoming stronger. It had moments of flashes of conversations I’ve had with friends over the years, how we survive love and war.”

Mary Knoblock

Mary Knoblock is a one-of-a-kind artist. Besides having a huge and eclectic discography with several albums, the experimental electronic producer and neoclassical composer is doing a lot of work to ensure women’s musical works are heard in the music industry. For that, she founded Produced by a Girl Records, which offers lots of opportunities for female producers and artists.

“Expect some type of cinematic experience in my songs because I don’t write in the typical song structure. It’s really these small plays or tales or mini stories in my mind that unfold over winding melodies. I think it brings the listener a pause in their life, instead of a repeating chorus they lose themselves in a story and hopefully resolve some of their memories too along the way.”

Mary Knoblock

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Listen to “Heaven’s Bride” today on your favorite platforms! This song will also be a part of an upcoming album “Halos”, which will be out sometime in 2024.


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