LTB’s hip-hop-oriented new single “Living in Fear” has a new and bold sound

And LTB is back again! The American singer and songwriter also known as Logan Barnhill returns with “Living in Fear”, his third single after the gorgeous “Slow Down” in September. Much like on the two tracks before this one, Logan relies on a chill atmosphere and delivers texture as well as lyricism.


But on “Living in Fear”, things are a bit changed when it comes to the production. On his latest single we can definitely hear the hip-hop influences way more pronounced, like trap beats and minimal instrumentation. This matches the overall vibe of the song very well, as Logan sings verses like “I’m tired of living in fear” in a song that, according to the artist himself, is a powerful ode to self-realization.

“I wrote “Living in Fear” as a reminder to all of us to not let fear hold us back from being who we truly are”, LTB says about the track. “Too many times, I’ve let my fears call the shots in my life, and this song is my way of pushing back. It’s like me smashing through the walls of fear I’ve built around myself and stepping into the real world, all fired up and unafraid”, he concludes. There is a newfound sense of confidence in this song that can definitely be perceived.

By exploring the hip-hop world more intensely, the artist sounds like nothing we’ve ever heard from him before – and it works really well with his lyrics and soft vocals. The production lets his usual chillwave-synthpop style on the sides for a bit and lets the beats and words take center stage and shine. The end result is absolutely chilling, featuring a moody production and elevating the confessional lyrics to their fullest extent. It’s infused with vulnerability and stream-of-consciousness lyrics, like something you’d read in a diary entry.

“Living in Fear” is a different step for Logan, but one that works just as well as the guitar-driven “Slow Down” and it’s amazing to go through this journey and see Logan trying new aesthetics this early on in his career. It’s a powerful song in its simplicity, and sometimes that is exactly what you need.


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