Luke Tangerine & Carlos Ucedda’s whimsical collaboration “I Adore You”

Luke Tangerine

Carlos Ucedda

What a lovely thing it is when two people you admire on their own join forces to create something even more beautiful together! This is exactly the case with “I Adore You”, the new synthwave single that’s coming from a partnership between German producer Luke Tangerine and Spanish singer Carlos Ucedda.


We recently covered both of their newest solo singles, “Midlife Crisis.Again” and “Animal Sauna“, so it’s an absolute pleasure to be talking about their latest collaboration. “I Adore You” is a truly outstanding amalgamation of the stronger parts of each of the artists combined into one incredible single. Both Carlos and Luke share a somewhat similar aesthetic, relying heavily on 80s synthpop and coming up with interesting electronic soundscapes of their own; so having both of them together feels like magic.

“I Adore You” continues to thrive on the chillwave electronics that Carlos Ucedda’s been known for, but the additional production and beats added by Luke Tangerine really do elevate the singer’s voice and style to the next level. The single has a very whimsical and dreamy feel to it, creating an atmosphere that sounds lush and full. There is something that feels very romantic about this song, with 80s synthpop being front and center as Carlos’s vocals swirl around the stunning production.

Carlos has been known for his impeccable performance and delivery, always sounding like he’s in full control of what is going on, and does an amazing job drawing you in. On “I Adore You”, Carlos’s magnetic vocals are even more prominent and give the track a dream pop vibe that is immaculate. Luke’s composition and production have a somewhat rock aesthetic to it even though he works mainly on electronics, and this time around is no different. He makes “I Adore You” sound like a dream pop song, not entirely unlike something we’ve heard from the Cocteau Twins – and it is awe-inspiring.

This is what a truly great collaboration should feel like each artist bringing out the best of the other and creating something that just couldn’t have been done with anyone else. “I Adore You” is a perfect illustration of that; capturing Luke’s inventive production with Carlos’s captivating vocals. The final product is a mesmerizing song, filled with dreamy landscapes and all-around romanticism. All we can hope for now is that this is just the beginning and that we get to hear more from these two together in the future.


Luke Tangerine "I Adore You" artwork


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