9 O’Clock Nasty – “Unkle Natur”

British iconic Garage Rock trio, 9 O’Clock Nasty, returns with their brand new single “Unkle Natur”. A wild, hip-hop-influenced song that marks a new musical direction for the loon raccoons. Unkle Natur’s coming for ya! Coming soon…


Remember when Mother Nature was the nurturing presence for the planet? Oh how things have changed these past few years. Now Nature arrives at your house stinking of beer and handing out pills and sweets. You know it wants the best for you, but can it be trusted not to kill the whole family?


Nature sure seems to want us all dead these days. But is this really a surprise? I don’t think so. What’s really a surprise is the fact that the Nasty has returned, and with a brilliant genre mash-up that promises an exciting new addition to the Nasty resumé. Hip-hop meets Garage Rock anthem, very much in a Beastie Boys style.

Yes, now we have the wicked uncle with a twinkle in his eye. UNKLE NATUR. We’ve all been very, very naughty, and Unkle Natur is here to make us play. Or pay. Both.”

9 o’clock Nastsy

“Unkle Natur” is a mean MOFO. A filthy old man with no fucks to give. No shame. No guilt. Pure chaotic disruption that makes us scream down to our very core and run away like children in the night. Run, run away from the claws of this scary wanna-be Father Christmas.

The single is as amusing as it is exciting with powerful hip-hop style chants, and cynic lyricism. This new approach to music-making from the disruptive Leicester trio truly puts a smile on my face as we welcome it with open arms.

It’s going to punch harder. It may still apologise after, we are not animals. But a punch is a punch. Can we continue to forgive?

9 o’clcok Nasty

The smashing drums, the menacing back and forth of the vocals, the obscure atmosphere from the video. Garage meets Punk meets Rock meets Hip-Hop. What a time to be a Nasty fan. What a vibe that resonates deep in our cores with such energy, passion, and filth in our veins. Wait no more… well just one more week. Unkle Natur coming soon…


“There is no environmental rallying call for the 2020s. Nobody has made a song to express the futility of burning our way to suffocation so someone can live in a bigger house. Well, not until now.”

Ted Pepper, 9 o’clock Nasty


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