Leanne Gallati’s bold emotional breakup song “Ballad No. 1”

Leanne Gallati is a New York-based singer and songwriter who’s been writing and performing original songs for the past two years, and her latest track is the lovely piano-led “Ballad No. 1”. Leanne names artists like HAIM and Amy Winehouse as influences, and we can definitely understand where she comes from with those.


“Ballad No. 1” is a soft-spoken song, written from the point of view of someone who’s trying to make up their mind about leaving a relationship or not. This marks the first time Leanne’s ever released a song that is truly only her and a piano, without any other instruments or backing band. The result is an incredibly human, raw, and vulnerable song that perfectly captures the indecisiveness feeling she sings about in the lyrics.

Leanne does a wonderful job with this ballad, laying all of her emotions bare and sharing them with the world really bravely. On this track, the singer names Adele and Lorde as her main inspirations, and she can absolutely match the level of both artists on her own. “Ballad No. 1” gives you chills, for how personal it is. “I was so simultaneously so scared and so proud to record and release this song. So scared to be this emotionally vulnerable and raw, and so proud to step out of my comfort zone and dig into some deeper emotions”, Leanne herself says about the track.

The minimal production makes it sound even more heartbreaking, with nothing but her voice and piano. It takes true guts to sound this vulnerable, and she does it with ease and grace even during the worst of the pain. “Ballad No. 1” can definitely stand up amongst the best and it marks a bold new step in the singer’s promising career, by wearing her own heartbreak on her sleeve and making something absolutely remarkable out of it.


Leanne Gallati "Ballad No. 1"


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