Frank Joshua’s new soulful single “Winter Cowboy” is an emotional path through the vastness

The mysterious and busy producer is back! Frank Joshua, who has become the blog’s resident always providing new and soulful music, is preparing to release a new song “Winter Cowboy”. Fittingly chilly like the dropping temperatures in the northern hemisphere, the artist invites the listeners to follow the Winter Cowboy on his lonely journey through vast cold landscapes.


Weaving the emotionally impactful singer-songwriter genre together with signature haunting vocals, Frank Joshua creates incredible music, electronic at the base and surreal all around. “Winter Cowboy” also offers that stunning atmosphere only Frank is capable of building, while also standing out in its own right. The new song hits with sheer loneliness, like a cowboy that’s crossing a seemingly endless wild desert in wintertime. Although that desert seems to be a very astral one – it’s like the journey of an emotionally detached person looking for a connection.

Frank Joshua "Winter Cowboy" poster 1

Wild and untamed, cold and deserted, and running through a boundless realm, “Winter Cowboy” has a twinge of this sandy warm wild west in the heart. This, along with the swaying beat and the echoing vocals builds a contrast against the moodiness and sheer loneliness. At one point, the cowboy shouts out, in an attempt to broadcast his need for connection through the empty lands. Though unanswered, the journey continues.


“Winter Cowboy” is the 30th release coming from Frank in less than three years, which is rather insane. But the enigmatic dream-pop artist won’t be stopping – he’s got a bunch of new releases lined up well into spring next year, and knowing Frank they will all be absolutely worth it. Stay tuned!

Stream “Winter Cowboy” now!

Frank Joshua "Winter Cowboy" poster 1


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