Jess Stewart’s soulful and heartwarming ballad “Prince Charming (Went to Hell)”

Jess Stewart is a young singer, songwriter, and producer based in Cambridgeshire, UK, and she’s just about to release her third single, “Prince Charming (Went to Hell)”. After a successful run with her first two songs, Jess comes in smoother and dives into her jazz influences even more with a groovy saxophone and amazing bass line.


Moving slightly away from her more dance-pop early singles, Jess sounds confident and mature on “Prince Charming (Went to Hell)”, leaning more towards a funky neo-soul production style that works really well with her voice. Heavily inspired by the likes of Ariana Grande and Caity Baser, Jess is quickly establishing herself as a powerful voice on her own, caving herself a very interesting path in modern pop music.

On her previous tracks, Jess did upbeat pop music that felt real and organic; but it is simply mesmerizing to listen to “Prince Charming (Went to Hell)” and the new approach she took here. It’s still an upbeat song, but this time around it feels more adult-oriented, like something we could’ve heard on Jessie Ware’s incredible That! Feels Good!.

Her pitch-perfect lyricism once again is on point, as she sings in “Prince Charming (Went to Hell)” about the dream-like fairytale romance that rarely ever happens in real life. And she does it with a sense of serenity and maturity, recognizing that this story isn’t and won’t ever be true; and celebrates her own wants and self-worth in the process. It’s a beautiful song that leaves you feeling good about yourself, even if you didn’t find your own Prince Charming like the rest of us never did.

Its realistic and mature approach to young love and relationships makes this an essential listen for any young person navigating the tumultuous waters of dating. There is a really lovely sense of humor to be found in the narrative as well, making it light and interesting all throughout the track. Its production does a stellar job of reflecting all of that story with a rich and nuanced background, filled with organic instruments and gorgeous harmonies.


Jess Stewart may only be starting out her career, but in such a short time she’s already given us so much range and showed so much growth from one single to the other; it is truly remarkable to listen to. This young girl is definitely on the right track to becoming a real force of nature within today’s modern pop landscape, and it’s just too good to witness it firsthand.


Jess Stewart "Prince Charm (Went to Hell)" press photo


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