RynoFish “Hot Summer Nights”

We’re glad to announce that New Jersey, United States-based indie rock band RynoFish have released a new single, “Hot Summer Nights.”

RynoFish are Patrick Rynearson (vocals, guitar) and Jimmy Fisher (drums, bass), who work together to write RynoFish’s songs. Musically, they’re influenced by a diversity of artists including “Led Zeppelin, New Found Glory, A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Rush, Black Sabbath, Van Halen and Edgar Winter.” And describing their beginnings as a band, RynoFish write, “We met in middle school. We used to bring recordings of ourselves to school to show each other our musical ability. We have been jamming ever since.” Their new single, “Hot Summer Nights” was recorded in Patrick’s dad (Bob)’s basement, where he has a studio that RynoFish have used for jamming and recording for many years.

About the story that inspired their new single, Patrick from RynoFish writes, “So the story begins in the summer of 2012. It was the summer after our first year of college and a bunch of us went down the shore for a long weekend. It was your typical college weekend of the warm summer sun, parties, and of course the girl, who would have guessed! The song revolves around a fun filled weekend where my crush happened to be at the same time and we ended up going out and having a fun time together with both friend groups. One of the most fun weekends of my life. It always made me feel happy when I thought of it, but I could never put the words or music together until one night where me and Jimmy were jamming and recording. I just happened to come up with the intro guitar riff and everything fell into place. By that time the next day the song was complete. Once you have an idea and a clear path on where you want the story of the song to go the songwriting process becomes natural and just flows. All I needed was a start. To all my friends I was with that weekend: Thank you for an awesome weekend and for the memories that helped create this beautiful song!

“Hot Summer Nights” begins with the sound of ocean waves and relaxing, clean-toned electric guitar notes. Mellow-sounding bass and laid-back drums then join in, along with nostalgic lyrics about spending time with one’s crush on summer nights by the shore, mixing with the sound of the electric guitar quite well. The verses are relaxed and sentimental, while pleasant waves of electric guitar chords bring up the energy level during the choruses and sustain the evocative lyrics about the memorable summer weekend. The instruments all sound quite nice together, and the track flows seamlessly throughout, evidencing the superb musicianship and compositional skills of the band.

Perhaps what is most impressive about “Hot Summer Nights” is that RynoFish are able to translate the harmonious, lighthearted atmosphere and emotion of these memorable nights into their music in a genuine way; the overall feeling that the music evokes is simultaneously fun, warm, exciting, and carefree, and it accompanies the lyrics rather well. Regarding their creative process for composing this track, the band writes, “The idea, feelings and memories were already there which made writing the song a breeze. I feel when writing that the song needs a theme, a memory, or some kind of substance to draw from. If not, then I tend to find you struggle to find any meaning in the song.” I think that “Hot Summer Nights’ is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie- or soft rock.

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