“Not the Enemy” by The Sparkle & Fade

Well this is bloody refreshing, first you get the warning from the drummer, then a riff that grabs you by the throat before some soothing vocals lull you in to a false sense of steady calm. Not calm in a J. Mascis sense, more of a Paramore / Cranberries “you’re in big trouble” vibe – and it sounds so good. “Not the Enemy” should come with an addiction warning… this is infectious.

The Sparkle & Fade is a new powerpop/rock band from the Connecticut (USA) shoreline. Fronted by vocalist Lindsey Callahan, backed by her husband Jeff Callahan (guitar), her sister Courtney Seely (lyrics, keys, and backing vocals) and brother-in law Tyler Seely (guitar), and most recently, TJ Chalfant (bass) and Joe Onofrio (Drums) the group began as a recording project during the Summer of 2020.

“The main riff for “Not The Enemy” is something that our guitar player, Jeff, has had in his pocket for about 15 years. Jeff had always been a drummer, but played guitar in his spare time as his own creative outlet. You can hear the percussionist influence in the way this song is structured. There are alternating sections of rhythmic heavy hitting riffs mixed with open melodic swinging chord progressions. We tend to show our listeners the beauty in duality – not only from listening to different style songs on a complete record, but even within a single song…”

Finding their music-filled world coming to a standstill during the shut-down, the family members took their creativity to the studio which has since grown into a desire to perform live. With music bringing these couples together, and having intertwined these families for decades across generations, they write about the duality of people’s lives, which is clear both in their sound and in their name: The Sparkle & Fade.

So where did the inspiration for this bittersweet, angst filled yet melodic beauty come from?

“”Not the Enemy” is the tragic culmination of a relationship turned sour. Choices that are made have consequences; some good, some bad. This song reflects on those choices and how they affect relationships…” 

You have been warned…

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