Zorastead “True Words”

First love, first single, and a very fresh band. This time it feels like spring with so much freshness and firsts, and the single this writeup is made for makes the entire day shimmer. This song you’re about to read on, looks into the topic of first love and love in general through a much different side, maybe the most overlooked side of it. Curious? Read on!

Today’s star is Zorastead, a music project that was born in one foggy Italian night when three people met and found their common ground and passion in music. The trio is a school teacher, a secretary and a professional singer. As the secretary was bored of the job and looking for a way out, she had written a lot about her struggles and feelings. And when it turned out the teacher and music composer had lots of music with no lyrics, the spark of creative recognition happened and it led to the formation of the project.

The trio has now entered the music world with the release of their debut single, a charming piano-driven song called “True Words”. It’s not a love song as the title might perhaps suggest, instead this song opens a window to the writer’s personal past – the first love which also happened to be all but complicated:

“Well, ‘True Words’ comes from a personal experience of self-denial love. You need a lot of courage to go beyond convenience, and sometimes you do not have that courage. I was quite young (I was in my early teen years) when I fell in love with a much older man, so things were complicated… I had beautiful images of summer and winter alternating in my head in that moments, I felt warm summer days and cold winter ice at the same time. I think you can feel this in the song. So love sometimes means silence, and your true words about love remain within you, they are like little butterflies on your tongue that might fly away (I mean they could be spoken, of course) but they don’t.”

The song has a wonderful theatrical quality, her vocals shimmer on the grand stage accompanied by beautiful piano and strings. Full of wisdom, yet full of adore for the enigmatic nature of love. Her strong yet gentle voice is bustling full of life and feelings, underlining the importance of feeling all of it in within yourself rather than trying to pour out and express what you feel within. “True words cannot be said,” a familiar feeling which is perhaps the subconscious reminding to let it all flow.

“True Words” is not only a debut single – it announces the imminent arrival of the band’s first album “Inner Rails” as well, which is due out this summer. An entire package of glorious pop rock to wait for, full of lyrics biting through daily lives in today’s society, all lead on by the vocalist’s bold and beautiful voice. After hearing this first single, the anticipation has definitely grown – time to follow this group on their journey which is, no doubt, going to be wonderful!

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