CROSSTIK – “My World (Original single)”

Crosstik‘s first Future Bass goodness is filled with pristine sound design, lush synth layers and a emotive development sure to be liked by anyone familiar or unfamiliar with the genre. Listen to “My World“, Crosstik’s largest sounding release to date.

Young producer, drummer, audio engineer, mastering engineer and sound designer Connor created Crosstik in December 2019 in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Exploring uncharted musical territory everyday, Connor made his mark in 2020 with his debut EP “Power”. The four-track epic charted on Beatport’s Top 100 Hip-Hop/R&B, consolidating him as the fearless experimental producer that he is.

Working at AMMP Studios in Mesa, AZ USA as an Ableton Live professor, Connor wrote part of the main lead of “My World” while he was teaching a lesson, demonstrating how to make a song from scratch. After a couple of chords and sound design came together, the music stopped: “I’m using that in a song” He said with a grin, to which the students replied, “You better!”

“My World” was produced and recorded solely by Connor on his 2012 MacBook Pro (which has since been retired after erupting in a cloud of smoke) using samples of his own drum kit. The essence of the main drop/chorus is designed to be uplifting and hopeful, before falling into an underwater atmosphere which encourages the listener to fall deeper into the soundscape.

The song is titled “My World” simply because there is one vocal sample tuned up and out of the way, indistinguishable, which to him sounded like ‘my world‘”

Crosstiks sets out to create music that touches the listener on a deeper level than a standard dance track. Finding inspiration in Future Bass and Trap, Crosstik’s goal was to move the listener both physically and emotionally. He also finds inspiration in artists like TroyBoi, Machinedrum, Mad Zach, Sumthin Sumthin, Flosstradamus, and ZHU.

The “warhorn” sound (at 1:30) was inspired by the sound in Riva Starr’s “The Wickedest Sound”, which I first heard at a music festival years ago and knew right away I wanted to incorporate a sound like that in my own song one day. ” – Crosskit

The final mixdown/master of the track was also done at AMMP by Connor, with assistance from the resident mastering technician/teacher whom he had been shadowing since his starting at the company.

“Listen all the genres. Make mistakes – don’t stop. Practice always, get good. Embrace your face.” – Crosstik.

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