Fish and Scale new LP “You Can Call Me Love”

Today brings fresh winds and melodies, and quite coincidentally, a new release full of good vibes. And thus, this write-up is dedicated to Fish and Scale and his new LP!

This German artist has previously released a single I also talked about – Unmask Myself. It was also mentioned the artist will be releasing more music very soon, and now he’s back with some fascinating news – his psyche-indie-folk project has just released a new studio album. The mentioned single is in the album too, sitting in the middle of the tracklist. Titled “You Can Call Me Love” which is shared with the first song of the release, this album offers a whole collection of moods, surprises, and a visceral kind of freshness.

“You Can Call Me Love” pulls the listener in for an entire academic hour of bliss, with a total of 11 tracks. This includes the extended version of the title track and an instrumental of “Rumi Says”.

Fish and Scale "You Can Call Me Love"

The eponymous track opens the album with a swarm of life joy with its upbeat melodies and clapping beat. The next song, “Atop My Walls” takes an almost unexpected turn in the atmosphere as it dives into the lush soulful evening driven by his powerful voice and topped off with sweet piano notes.


“The Kid” takes on yet another introspective turn in this incredible atmosphere, those deep and warm piano notes resonating inside my guts. That is followed by a storytelling “Fairyteller”, a rhythmical song speeding through the magical landscapes. “Unmask Myself” is a contemplative look at the mask that shields his true side, and the song becomes a story of freeing himself from that mask.

The next song, “Way Back Home” instantly hits with those fabulous sliding synth chords, and his emotional singing brings up some serious goosebumps. “Shadow Man” follows with a much more contained sound which slightly reminds of lurking cats and detective story soundtracks. “Give In To Me” has strong romantic vibes and the lush laid-back guitar chords make this song sound as if you’re listening to a live band. The last song before the extras, “Rumi Says”, runs on that healing sound reminiscent of spiritual meditative music, a mantra, which slowly builds up to a celebration of life.

As the album touches topics of life and living in such a deep and spiritual level, listening to this becomes more than just a listen – the songs are immersive, constructed to contain this exceptional life energy of an ancient folk story kind. The artist’s messages are brought on by his deep and soft vocals, which, slightly frayed around the edges, allow the listener to forget the mundane for a bit and ease into the spiritual realm, a deeper understanding of oneself. And all-around the songs on this album are so well-written, it’s a joy to listen to.


In this bustling and constantly busy world where people tend to worry about the littlest things, Fish and Scale and his new album would definitely become a haven, a kind of a temple. Take a listen to the release and join the artist on the search for the deep truth and meaning behind the emotions and to find a path back to yourself!

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