David g buckley – “boomshot”

Catchy and witty, this phenomenal delivery of great composition and lyricism from Dublin’s artist David G Buckley is what your day is missing. “Boomshot” tackles negativity with anthemic elements and authentic Italian trumpets. Listen now!

Italy-based, David G Buckley is an Irish singer-songwriter with an outstanding ability to come up with clever lyricism and catchy hooks. Influenced by artists like R.E.M, Counting Crows, Phoenix, Foster The People and Ben Folks, David is quickly growing a reputation with his captivating melodies and rich pop awareness.

“Boomshot” is his third single of the year, a bright song with an obscure shade. Meaning to write a song that just feels good, David also wanted to provide the listener with a dual positive-negative experience, even if the listener can’t tell!

“It was such a bright song – I needed to add some shades to this” – David G Buckley

Hoping the listeners find the song stuck in their head, he also wants them to look deeper. They may find out it’s not as pretty as it sounds!

Filled with lush vocals, energetic live drums and clever storytelling, the song carries an exceptionally sweet vibe of its own, one that only David is capable of delivering. It is his most upbeat single up to date! A wake up-call from negativity.

“It’s the most ‘pop’ song I’ve ever written. […] It’s about two people. The one in the chorus is being really negative, and the one in the verse is trying to pull them out. They’ve had enough!” – David

After releasing “All Our Yesterdays”, followed by “Lift Me” – which received national coverage from RTÉ News for its heart-wrenching and powerful message on cyberbullying, David’s new song continues to captivate his listeners with warm and rich musical sensibility.

“Boomshot is the catchiest song you will hear this year. Full of colour, energy and
sunshine this is an irresistible collage of hooks that linger in the mind for days. An
unmistakable summer anthem, it is also layered with lyrics that juxtapose hidden depths
and layers with the apparent joy of the melody.

“Boomshot” was recorded and produced in London and in Blue Music Studios, Rome, and mastered in Cube Studios, Rome.

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