The Arthurs “Window”

We’re glad to announce that Amsterdam/Rotterdam, The Netherlands-based alternative/indie rock band The Arthurs have released a new single, entitled “Window.”

The Arthurs were formed around Dutch singer/songwriter Robin den Drijver, and in 2021 the lineup includes drummer Blonk, lead guitarist Dylano Hahury and bassist Martin Memelink. They’re influenced by bands such as The Pixies, The Doors, The Smiths and Nirvana, but the Arthurs’ sound is nonetheless highly unique and dynamic. The Arthurs have played notable Dutch venues and festivals as well as shows in Belgium and England, and they were scheduled to perform on the Bevrijdingsfestival in Rotterdam on Dutch Liberation Day on May 5th 2020, which was unfortunately cancelled because of COVID-19. In November of this year, The Arthurs will support English legendary political new wave band Fischer-Z in De Boerderij, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

The Arthurs’ debut album, When I’m Sane (2017), received positive Dutch press reviews. Almost all the instruments were recorded by Den Drijver himself in his living room, accompanied by drummer Jetske Blonk. And just like their debut album, their latest album, Glass, was mostly recorded and produced at home by Den Drijver and was again mixed by Paul Fitzpatrick and mastered by I Am Oak drummer Tammo Kersbergen. In December 2019, the band released their first single and video, “Leave this Town,” for their Glass album. Their second single for the album, “Red Letter Days,” was a collaboration with Dutch actress and singer Kiki van Deursen, and was released in February 2020. “Red Letter Days” received positive national press attention (“Video of the Day” at Pinguin Radio) as well as international press attention, especially from UK-based reviewers such as It’s All Indie.

A third single, “Void,” was released in April 2020; and as American blogsite The Static Dive described it, “the mix of reverberated, moody vocals and high volume, melodic guitars reminds me of some of the best psychedelic and goth bands of the 80’s and 90’s. There are hints of The Church, Dinosaur Jr and Bauhaus. But The Arthurs definitely put their own spin on the sound. In the end, their brand of hypnotic Rock is all their own.” In July 2020, The Arthurs released a fourth single and music video, “Something with Oceans” which was nominated for the Rotterdam Music Awards 2020 Track of the Year category, and its music video chosen as Never Mind The Hype’s “Video of the Week” as well as Pinguin Radio’s “Video of the Day.”

The Arthurs released their latest single, “Window,” on June 18th 2021, along with a music video which was again chosen by Pinguin Radio as “Video of the Day,” as well as by Never Mind The Hype as “Video of the Week.” You can also check out The Arthur’s music video for “Window” here:

Describing their latest single, The Arthurs write, “In short: the song is about how the media portraits politics and how news presentation affects/scares/angers people and divides societies ‘the politics of fear’.” And for listeners unfamiliar with The Arthurs’ music, the band writes, “What people should expect…good question. I think we’re a dynamic, melodic, ‘real’ alternative rock band that likes to make good music.

“Window” begins with a pleasantly abrasive yet catchy rhythm guitar riff that recalls 90s grunge bands, while the lead guitar adds nicely to the track’s aggressive sound, later using effects such as a wah pedal and a siren-like effect during the choruses. Together with the hypnotic vocals and driving rhythms of the bass and drums, the sound of “Window” at times brings to mind Queens of the Stone Age. And at the same time that The Arthurs’ new single is a highly enjoyable listen throughout, it is also full of twists and turns, including an electrifying guitar solo two-thirds of the way into the track, further evidencing The Arthurs’ creative songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend “Window” to fans of alternative rock, grunge and indie rock alike.

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